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The New Way of Getting Robbed – Unsecured Wi-Fi


We must have heard of stories from old people, who keep telling stories about getting robbed when they were travelling in those days, when travelling was not that safe and when there were not many provisions to call police or communicate with people. However the scene has not changed, people are still getting robbed, and the chances are high when you are travelling to a different place. Not being aware and familiar with places, people fall prey to such robberies and lose money and valuables. However this is for those who travel abroad or travel to foreign places. But there is another kind of thief these days, this thief isn’t found on a foreign land, this thief can be found at a local shop. The worst part is that you might get robbed and yet you might not know. This thief is cannot be recognized as he is robs in secret. This thief is none other than hackers that rob your data and identity, from your mobile.

Various Risks of Using Unsecured Wi-Fi

How do get robbed by such hackers? You keep hearing of alerts provided by banks and credit card companies to avoid sharing your sensitive details like pin or passwords with anyone who claims to be an agent of your bank. By not sharing your details does not mean sharing in person or by sharing it through phone or internet with someone. It might mean sharing it by using unsecured internet connection. When we talk about unsecured Wi-Fi it means Wi-Fi that does not have any security systems. Using Wi-Fi of such unsecured systems would mean allowing hackers to access you sensitive information like your identity and data. When you talk about identity being accessed by hackers it means they can steal your identity information and use it different illegal purposes, which means you might be held liable for many monetary or illegal activities that is done by someone else.


SO without having any idea about all these things, you might be putting yourself at great risk. When you get robbed in person, you get robbed for once, and the most you lose is you money, but when your identity is robbed, your life is at risk, and you never know how often the thief might use your identity at some country without leaving you with any clue. Using anti-virus can help you protect yourself from such identity thefts. But unsecured Wi-Fi connections also risk your data theft, if you are processing your bank transactions or processing card payments then in such unsecured Wi-Fi zones, then your sensitive information and other data can be robbed by hackers, this would risk you hard earned money to be robbed anytime, without your knowledge.

Apart from that while using internet in such unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots you might risk your phone or laptops to key logger or malware. Key loggers are the one who access your mobile or laptops and get all the information on it without leaving any trace and without letting you realize that your information is being accessed by someone else. Unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots are found in free Wi-Fi zones. To avoid such risk of letting your information getting robbed by hackers in such free Wi-Fi zones, you use firewalls that protect you from such threats.

Hotspot Shield is a free tool that can be downloaded for free, that acts as a shield from such internet threats in public Wi-Fi zones. Being a free VPN service it ensures that your information and identity is kept anonymous while using internet, But helps you access websites and social networking sites in different countries. At the same time it keeps you updated with the data speed and protection status.

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