We evaluated 500 Wireless N PowerLine AV Mini Starter Kit

We evaluated 500 Wireless N PowerLine AV Mini Starter Kit

Are you one of those suffering for better coverage of Wi Fi at home? This device can be what you were looking for

A wireless Internet coverage throughout the house seemed inescapable subject to two conditions:technical knowledge (ie, being a capo in IT) and probably buy any additional expensive equipment.

This week I tried the PowerLine AV 500 Wireless N Mini Starter Kit and the experience was excellent.


It’s very simple. This Mini Starter Kit consists of two white teams, one thicker than the other, but both 90 mm ​​high. Como connect directly to electricity, do not clash with the decor.


Thanks to this kit, at last I saw that one need not be a technician to expand coverage of the Wi Fi signal at home. It has a technology that allows you to use the power grid to carry the signal to more places.

After removing the packaging equipment coming in, I just needed to link with a network cable to my router one of [the thinnest and so RECTANCULAR] teams, then plugged it into electricity.

The other team [the bulkier DHP-W310AV] plugged it into the outlet in the room where wanted signal. Automatically both teams are recognized, interconnect and the second a kind of subnet that is accessed by establishing a special password.

The technology that drives the PowerLine create separate passwords for each receiving device used. Both subnetwork name and password are unique to each computer and come forth in a card that is included in the box. However, it is possible for the user to modify the values ​​and change from the default name to the new network password.

I experimented with two receivers connected to two outlets in separate rooms. How complicated was it? Only had to connect the second unit to the mains and ready. Already had a new room with a wireless signal radiation.
The only shortcoming I detected is the logic: because it is a single signal which starts to be shared,it is necessary to have an Internet plan with better bandwidth.


An often difficult process can be performed in minutes and cheaply. Undoubtedly a device thatprovides a solution and an excellent experience.