Surface Hub, tablet 4K TV with Windows 10 a super smart whiteboard


Surface Hub, tablet 4K TV with Windows 10 a super smart whiteboard

The last presentation event held by Microsoft for Windows 10 turned out to be full of novelties. Among the most particular there Surface Hub, a powerful screen 4K with smart features similar to those of a large tablet.

TechMicrosoft has not at all restrained from filling his last press event of novelty, some of them very interesting. The development of Windows 10 proceeds steadily and briskly, with a version for desktop already very appreciable and a mobile variant still a bit’ rough but promising.

The Redmond company is committed to building a platform that was as universal as possible, creating a real service to the devices suitable for both desktop and tablet to bigger and how to smartphones and tablets with amplitude less than 8 inches.

On the stage of the press conference Terry Myerson asserted wants to “shift gears” in the presentation focusing on something that had been in plain sight so far. The Microsoft Surface Pro Hub looks like a big TV – 84 inches are not few – very high resolution with unique functionality.

Surface Pro Hub has a 4K panel, built-in speakers, dual chamber configuration, microphones, NFC connectivity, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and support multi-touch and multi-pen.

Yes, it is a great smart whiteboard that allows you to present material such as images, video, slides or 3D designs and to write down everything that is drawn on the screen, saving the data in the app OneNote.

The integration of Skype for Business, the dual-chamber and deployment of microphones also allows for multi-user meetings and video calls, an interesting tool for the business sector.