5 Ways SpamHound Can Save Your Phone

5 Ways SpamHound Can Save Your Phone

If you are like most people, you use your phone constantly. According to TechCrunch, in fact, the average user in America clocks five hours each day. A good portion of this time is spent texting, and of course, we look forward to getting messages from friends and family we want to hear from. Spammers? Not so much. Unfortunately, though, spam text messages have become a common annoyance that cell phone users simply must deal with. That was the case, at least, until filtering apps such as SpamHound revolutionized the way we text.

With the advent of SpamHound, you no longer have to put up with a stream of unwanted messages from spammers and scammers. In fact, you can control exactly who contacts you and take back your phone once and for all! SpamHound can help you do so with the following five benefits.

Create Unlimited Filters for Messages

Many apps, and even some phones offer the ability to filter the messages you receive. In most cases, however, these filters are limited and you can only set a certain number at a time. This is somewhat useless for anybody who wants to filter multiple phone numbers, words or phrases. SpamHound did away with this limitation and allows users to set an unlimited number of filters on their messages. Whenever you want to filter out something new, you can simply add it to your list without worrying about maxing out an arbitrary cap.

Prevent Contact From Unknown Numbers

Nobody likes getting messages from a number they do not recognize. It happens often enough, though, that you might want to take steps to prevent it. There are several ways to deal with contact from an unknown number, but most people simply want to prevent it. The SpamHound app syncs to your contacts and works to filter out texts that are sent from phone numbers you do not know. You can modify the settings to determine exactly who can and cannot text you so that you maintain complete control over who sends you text messages.

Maintain Filters Without Data Connection

When you log on to https://spamhoundapp.com/, you can read about the various benefits offered by the app. Of course, you can only do so if you have access to an internet connection. On your phone, you will need to be connected either to WiFi or your carrier’s web data. The app itself, on the other hand, functions perfectly with or without an internet connection. This means that you never have to worry about losing access to your filters when you are away from a strong data connection. The app, unlike many others, works either way.

Filter Specific Words and Phrases

Sometimes you do not simply want to filter certain numbers. You may also need to filter out specific words or phrases from your text message inbox. Many apps do not offer this capability, but spamhoundapp.com lets you eliminate incoming messages that contain any unwanted words. This capability offers a whole new level of control over your messages, and it safely protects you from contact that may be abusive, unpleasant or simply unwanted. As with the other filters on SpamHound, there is no limit to how many you can set up, and you can leave them in effect indefinitely.

Prioritize Important Messages With Whitelist

You likely are not just worried about unwanted text messages. You also care about the messages you receive from the people you want to talk to. Sometimes, though, these messages can get filtered as spam incorrectly and you might not see them. Adding a Whitelist to your phone can prevent this, and with SpamHound, it’s as easy as blocking or filtering. You can set up your Whitelist by indicating which contacts should always be allowed to message or call you, and this automatically prioritizes any messages they send. You never need to worry about missing a text message again.

SpamHound allows you more control than any other app when it comes to controlling who contacts you, eliminating spam messages and ensuring you can always receive the messages that are most important. Stop worrying about micromanaging your inbox, and let SpamHound take care of the details for you. Reclaim your inbox from unwanted messages and eliminate the stress of dealing with spam texts.