Light L16: 16 lenses in one compact camera


Light L16: 16 lenses in one compact camera

Photography in recent years has taken hold, and while there are many good options when choosing a good quality camera, the fact remains that hardly find good choices that do not require a bag to carry it daily.

CameraTo all who seek high quality cameras and size the L16 Light, a compact camera and content comes with several features that deserve to be highlighted, especially its 16 lenses that help us get pictures of a very professional level.

Among the features we can highlight the Light L16 can be found:

  • 16 different lenses, 10 of which capture the image at the same time, with different focal lengths, for photos up to 52 mega.
  • Built-in WiFi, so you can extract images directly from the device without wires.
  • The available optical zoom runs from 35 to 150 mm.
  • 5 inch touch screen.
  • Perfect definition in low light.
  • Design care.

The Light L16 may be the solution to all the photographers who do not want to go out with a tremendous camera in his hands, but do not want to neglect the quality of your photographs. Just a small detail that might tarnish -gran- something -bastante- perception or interest can have for it, and is its price: $ 1,699 USD at the official price, and USD $ 1,299 if you sign up to the pre-A rather high price for a compact camera that still has much to prove.