How to use special whatsapp symbols

whatsapp symbols

How to use special whatsapp symbols

Here, we will present how to create some of the most used special WhatsApp symbols, in chat and in the state, and how you can get several of them. Before understanding how to make special symbols on Whatsapp, it may be necessary to identify some of the operating characteristics of this app.

For Android and iOS, the messaging app is free and includes a lot of nearly identical features. Among these is the possibility to create groups, to connect via desktop with a QR Code, to send messages without special rates for abroad and to send free multimedia content, such as photos, audio and video at no additional cost. The app also allows you to initiate video and online calls.

Whatsapp iOS and Android have few differences, mainly in appearance and aesthetics. Within the chat with special symbols on Whatsapp between the two operating systems can change keyboard details, such as gifs and emojis available. But the video call, call and attachments option is the same for both operating systems. You can read WhatsApp messages without knowing the senders.

Whatsapp symbols: what they are?

whatsapp symbols

The term “whatsapp symbols” can indicate different types of writings. In fact, for many people with this name, we mean special formats, which can be created simply by typing specific symbols on the app keyboard.

To enter Whatsapp special symbols, the procedure is similar: the first step is to start a conversation. If the chat is not already open. For example, in the case of a group or a conversation previously started, you need to access the app and click on the pencil symbol. This will start a new message, in which you will have to enter the recipient’s name from the phone book or the telephone number. Also, for Whatsapp Web, the procedure is similar and there are no differences in the insertion of special symbols.

To get these special Whatsapp symbols, easy steps are enough. Among the most used are:

  • Bold, which is created by inserting the asterisk at the beginning and end of the word, then the word is written * word * on Whatsapp.
  • Italics, which requires the use of the underscore at the start and end of the word on Whatsapp, then put the word.
  • Strikethrough, which can be obtained between the Whatsapp special symbols by inserting the tilde at the starting and ending of the word, then ~ word ~
  • Monospace, which requires the use of the superscript before and after the word, hence “word.”

How to make special symbols on Whatsapp?

For other people, special characters on Whatsapp are different fonts, which can have different characteristics such as fake brilliants, colors and symbols. Some of these fonts feature cursive, circled symbols or dubbing letters that are very original and can be used not only in chat but also in status and stories.

Knowing how to make special symbols on Whatsapp is also very simple in this case. To obtain these original fonts, it may be necessary to download specific apps or convert the text thanks to specialized online sites. In fact, there are no ways to search and publish them directly from the messaging app, as opposed to gifs and emojis.

Most of the platforms for special symbols on Whatsapp are free and consist of a simple search bar where you can enter text. Then just choose the font to use and convert it. Just copy and paste the desired phrase on Whatsapp to obtain the effect of special characters.

The only downside of these sites specializing in converting and making Whatsapp special characters is that being completely free, they may contain various advertisements, which can be annoying.

Change Whatsapp status with special symbols

As anticipated, special characters on Whatsapp can be used not only to write in an original way in chats. In groups, single chats or broadcast messages, these special characters can be used in every Whatsapp interaction. Furthermore, these original and customized fonts are also unique to insert within your own state.

Whatsapp status is a method of publishing content, such as writings, photos, videos and memes, which lasts only 24 hours. After this short time, the content is deleted. To insert the special symbols on Whatsapp in the status, it will be sufficient to type the fonts as anticipated or copy and paste the converted writing from the specialized platforms.