Gopro superfotos: How to use HDR mode

Gopro superfotos

Gopro superfotos: How to use HDR mode

With GoPro HERO7 Black, a new advanced photo mode called superfotos was introduced. The same feature is also found in the HERO8 Black. It is a smart mode that allows you to achieve remarkable results. When you activate superfotos, GoPro cameras analyze the scene to be photographed and intelligently choose the most suitable optimization process.

GoPro superfotos

Gopro superfotos

This gives you the best possible quality every time in a wide range of situations. superfotos offers two different options: HDR and AUTO. HDR allows you to capture the same photos but with a wide dynamic range. AUTO analyzes a variety of scene-related data, such as dynamic range, available lighting, and motion. Then, it automatically selects one of the four available methods for image processing:

  • Wide dynamic range ( HDR )
  • Local tone mapping
  • Multi-frame noise reduction
  • Standard (or none)

Set superfotos mode to AUTO. In this way, you can live your adventures quietly, without too many distractions.

What is HDR mode?

HDR allows you to get more information in photographs with a great difference between lights and shadows. HDR is the acronym for (High Dynamic Range), which is usually translated as High Dynamic Range Images. The first thing we have to understand before we go deep into HDR mode is this dynamic range. It can be said that it is the relationship between the maximum and minimum illumination in a photo. This means that a photo with an adequate dynamic range will show enough detail in light and shadow areas.

The HDR mode makes the camera take several consecutive photos (between three and five depending on the case). These photos have a variety of different exposures and will be combined later with software. By having several images of the same scene, we obtain a greater variety in the dynamic range. When they are combined in the final photo, we have an image that allows us to appreciate the details of both the shadows and the illuminated areas. That is, the photo will have a better dynamic range.

Gopro has always had trouble capturing dynamic range correctly. It is an area in which there has been a lot of work over the years, especially since it is difficult for the phone’s camera to correctly expose if the light is facing the front (if we take a photo pointing at the sun). This is usually a common glitch, which the introduction of HDR mode helps to correct.

The HDR mode included in a large number of Android mobiles will take care of obtaining a better exposure of each area of ​​the scene. It will mount a perfect photo for those circumstances (depending on the circumstances and the quality of the mobile or software). Of course, you have to use the HDR mode at the right time. Otherwise, results may be obtained that will not improve the final photograph.

When to use HDR mode?

Using the HDR mode in the correct situation, we can obtain great images with the GoPro camera. But if we use it when it does not correspond, the photo will not be good. It is essential to know when we have to use this model in the camera: if we leave it on automatic, it will not always activate when it should (or if it does, it may not improve the photograph, it must be taken into account).

Thanks to the presence of AI, increasingly common in Android, the Gopro can analyze the scene so that you will know if it is necessary to apply HDR or not. Although there may be devices in which this mode is only available manually. Then, following the steps in the previous section to activate it, you have to use it at certain times.

The main advice is to activate it in situations where there is a contrast between lights and shadows. In situations where there are different light exposures, and we want to capture them all, we can use this mode. It is also possible to use it in some night shots, although not all. Another situation is when we take a photo of a person, but that person is darker than the environment or space in which it is (or against the light). At that time, it is good to use this HDR mode on the camera.

When not using HDR mode?

It is normal to have the idea that is using the HDR mode. We will improve all the photos. This is true in many situations, but it does not always work. There are times when using this mode is even harmful, getting us to get a much worse photo.

When should we not use this mode?

In moving photos (whether people or objects are moving). When a quick photo needs to be taken (HDR mode takes a few seconds to shoot). If the light conditions are poor (better to use the night mode in this case). The normal thing is that current Gopro knows when we have to use HDR since they will detect the scene automatically, so if it is necessary to use it to improve the photo, it will be done automatically.