Google opens pre-orders for its first gamepad


Google opens pre-orders for its first gamepad

Soon Google will launch sales of its first gamepad, a controller built by Asus addressed for use with the new set-top box Google Nexus Player. The pre-orders are open in the US for $ 40.

Google is quite willing to acquire a greater influence in the field of home entertainment well aware of the fact that the distribution of digital content, as in the case of Android for the mobile industry, which is a business more profitable.

GadgetChromecasts, the little gadget dedicated to streaming content on the TV, it has proven to be an excellent idea but has a defect, for the company of Mountain View, in that it does not bind to the use of virtual products administered by Google itself.

The system Chromecast seems to meet a good chunk of users due to its simplicity, but the Silicon Valley giant has recently unveiled a new appliance, the Google Nexus player that promises to expand the possibilities offered by his younger brother. The new set-top box , it provides a hardware configuration able to engage in more complex activities, including the use of videogames.

In this regard, Google has announced the arrival of an accessory for your hearing, a Gamepad for Nexus Player . As evidenced by the brand name printed on the front of the device, of course, wireless, was produced by Asus and is compatible with standard Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 . It has a rather classic configuration in terms of the number and arrangement of the keys and you can use it in combination with three other gamepad.

Currently it is possible to purchase only in the United States and the cost of the pre-order is $ 40 which will add to the $ 99 the Nexus Player.

The question arises: is it really necessary for a gamepad video gaming on Android? Most existing titles are optimized for touch devices and most of them based entertainment on this factor. It is also true, however, that began circulating a few console based on Android, as OUYA and Shield Portable Tablet , and this could therefore be an interesting addition.