Google Glass, a fixture that already have police in Dubai


Google Glass, a fixture that already have police in Dubai

Dubai is a land that does not have many economic problems, or at least it seems that watching sports they have in their fleet of police. And it is the security force of the emirate which will start using Google Glass.

GadgetInitially only be police officers who used Dubai Glass Google to send images and screenshots to the exchange, in order to be able to have a quick recognition of subjects. As indicated in the body of Reuters Dubai police has created software that is connected to a database containing a list of people ‘looking’ is able to determine whether to proceed or not to arrest.

This is the first phase of implementation of the Google Glass in the body, but will not be the only one. A second phase aims to bring Google Glass detectives Dubai police so they can take advantage of them in their research and interact in real time with peers. By far no dates have been marked or have provided more details.

Of course it may seem as the advent of science fiction to the real world, and we must recognize that it is a first step to something we as utopian a few years ago, but will gradually making its way into the world. The first police force to use Google Glass will be to Dubai, but did you doubt there will be a second very soon? And as Google improve some features (mainly the autonomy of the pileup, currently about 4 hours, but also other aspects such as resolution of catches) are sure to be many more entities (police and other authorities) concerned.