GhostDash lets you compete against real life yourself


GhostDash lets you compete against real life yourself

The HUD technology is one of the greatest impact on how we conduct may have. No need to remove from the road in an age of overwhelming information or directly where it is to receive relevant information on our driving is a big step that slowly is being implemented by new developments.

GhostDash is a proposal seeking funding to carry a very special HUD windshield of your car. Here not only seeks to value the information about our driving but to introduce an element of competition against ourselves. This item comes directly from driving games.

GadgetWith reasonable precautions to have this competitive environment on a public road, the system plans GhostDash not only want to add an element of challenge to the driver, but other possibilities have less leisure and more didactic. Power “chase” a ghost car to tell us right speed or the path to a predefined destination, or even act as a driving instructor is a bonus that can be interesting.

The implementation so far is quite intrusive, and consists of a projector that sends images to a transparent screen (98%) of 15 inches that the driver in front of him, behind the wheel. The information in the administration of a Surface interface, included in the package with the projector, GPS, screen and software. The whole package goes for nearly $ 4,000.

If you do not want the GPS to the information because we will integrate the existing one, or tablet / computer, get the rest of the team could come to us for $ 2,000.

The project is not successful because it is precisely now, perhaps because of doubts about safety at the wheel I think we all see, so it will be difficult for the month of May can get the first units to buyers.