ZTylus Metal Filters And Lenses For The iPhone 6


ZTylus Metal Filters And Lenses For The iPhone 6

Today we have them unpacked and checked a box with a lens and filter for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this time the company has sent us ZTylus for iPhone 6 and we have been using for a week and the truth that the product is impeccable, from the presentation, through the case and finally reaching the lens and filter, the company has sent us an additional accessory that LED lights are standing in the same location as the lenses providing more light, that the tool will be bringing in another video meantime here are my comments on the ZTylus Metal.

gadgetTo start the kit is amazing, is the one I’m currently using, mix aluminum with a plastic rubberized giving us a good grip and maximum safety on the back we will meet with the area where we place the circle with glasses and filter, which comes in the kit also works as a stand, remove the back is simple and drop ZTylus also lenses that we will be able to use are:

  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Fish eye lens
  • Macro lens
  • Polarized filter

All work well and to do it on the iPhone does effortlessly by simply moving the wheel and removing the desired towards the camera in the iPhone 6 and ready lens, the results have been very good in the 4 options presented to us, but I am more in favor Macro lens because it is unusual to use our phone to take pictures closely to the target, however all lenses have thrown us good results.

The ZTylus comes in various options and settings, you can buy just the case or a combo with lenses, there are different designs of cases, but I think that we have is the prettiest, other options include versions of pink gold color. Prices range from $ 49.95 only case to $ 149.95 pink gold version.