Wireless Mouse ADJ D-Face with Dual Mode


Wireless Mouse ADJ D-Face with Dual Mode

Even in a simple input device to your computer you can search for the optimal combination of aesthetics and functionality, with regard to the personal tastes of the buyers.

Bears the signature of the new ADJ ADJ MW003 Wireless Mouse D-Face, which aims at gaining the consent of the public spirit of the younger, regardless of age registry, which does not always tell the character and approach to life of each of we.

GadgetThe device with which we are concerned it looks cool and ergonomic to please the eye and the hand of those who must use it. The form is very refined, with a general trend strongly sloping to the front, which gives it a sleek look and identity.

Maybe some inserts could be less obvious, but the target audience demands a net character, played well by this “mouse” technology. The device aims to make his versatility a strength, allowing you to copy, paste, cut, highlight and navigate easily, naturally and quickly.

Interestingly, in this mouse, the option Dual Mode (business / gaming) that can be activated by a simple click on the function button, located at the center, allowing the user to choose the configuration best suited to the type of use.

The MW003 Wireless Mouse ADJ D-Face has 7 buttons (including the thumb key, the key to return to the Desktop and the key to the Double Click), Laser technology supports high-precision optical sensor (400/600 / 800/1000/1200/1600 DPI), connects to the PC via wireless (2.4 GHz Dual-Mode Wireless Mouse) and is compatible with Windows 7/8 / XP / Vista, Mac OS, Android, Linux. The price is 29,90 € (VAT included).