Why ad pops up when I unlock my phone? Solved!

ad pops up when i unlock my phone

Why ad pops up when I unlock my phone? Solved!

Although less and less, Adware continues to make a presence on mobile phones. A few times ad pops up when I unlock my phone. But Why? News of advertising fraud and Adware hidden inside applications, mainly in Android, is still present in 2020, despite the security measures proposed by both Android 11 and iOS 12.

What are the reasons for the ad pops up when I unlock my phone?

If your phone shows ads in an intrusive way, this means that an application or website is violating the consent you have given it. In the worst case, some type of malware has infiltrated your device.

Powerful Adware can make our phone useless, displaying ads throughout practically the entire system.
In some cases, so many advertisements can be shown that the mobile phone is practically unusable. So it is convenient to detect the problem in time and act quickly.

ad pops up when i unlock my phone


What to do if your iPhone shows ads

iOS is known to be a secure system, to such an extent, we are not aware of cases in which advertising has infiltrated the system through a third-party application since they do not have permission to do so.

The only option we see if we go to Settings> Privacy> Advertising is ‘Limit tracking.’ All this option does is limit the tracking made by the web pages of you using cookies, to avoid that, within the web, you are shown ads based on your interests.

Uninstall the suspicious application will clear up doubts

Therefore, in the hypothetical case that advertising appeared on your mobile, you would have no more scenarios than the following two. The first would be to locate the latest applications that you have installed. In the case of iOS, it is simple since they are all distributed on the main screens. If you have noticed any strange or intrusive behavior after installing an app, you just have to delete the said app.

The second scenario is to perform a reset of your phone. To do this, from settings, we go to General> Reset> Delete content and settings. After completing the process, the iPhone will be left from the factory.

What to do if your Android shows ads

In the case of Android, unfortunately, Adware can have a greater presence. However, the procedure is quite similar to what we have seen in the hypothetical case of iOS. If your mobile shows advertising, it may be due to something you have accepted from a certain web page. Block push notifications from your browser. If advertising is reaching your lock screen or the notification bar (something relatively common with low-quality applications), the solution is to block their permissions.

It is not difficult for Android to show advertising in the status bar or lock screen after installing an app. Manually managing permissions is the solution.

Within Settings> Applications, we will find the apps that we have recently installed. Suppose we suspect any (or we directly know which application it is). In that case, we only have to block the notifications that they send us, either completely or by selecting not to show them in the status bar or lock screen, the two main points that are usually displayed.

In the worst case, you can reset your phone to make sure it is “clean” again, with nothing installed. This may depend on the customization layer, but you can find it quickly by typing ‘reset’ or ‘reset’ in the settings finder and delete everything. If your browser or application shows ads, it is normal.

Stop ads in Chrome

Banners in the browser are a matter for the web pages themselves, which use them as one of their main monetization methods. If we enter a site with ads, it will show ads, which does not mean anything happens to your mobile.

Advertising is part of the internet (at least at the browsing level). A separate matter is pop-ups and applications that nobody has asked to open or download.

On the other hand, pop-ups are also, luckily or unfortunately, something quite common when browsing. These pages are not a problem in themselves, but the content shown by these pop-up pages can cause conflict, which usually provides links to download malicious content.

At the application level, more of the same. Many live on small banners that can sometimes be removed either by subscription or by direct payment. A separate case is that the application sends us advertising when it is not open.

Stop ads in Brave

The web-level solution is to install a browser with an ad blocker. In our case, we recommend Brave, available for iOS and Android. This browser blocks pop-up windows, protects against tracking, blocks third-party cookies and others, and is a good solution to navigate calmly.

In case you have accepted that a page shows you ads through push notifications, something that can become quite annoying, just go to the configuration settings of the browser you are using and configure the notifications. In Chrome, for example, it shows up in Settings> Website Settings> Notifications.

How to discover the app that caused the mobile advertising?

It is a bit complicated since, if you click on each of these ads, it redirects you to the advertiser’s website, and the worst thing is that mobile phones do not usually say that they are filling your phone with ads. If you don’t fight back quickly with this, it can become a serious problem over time. But don’t worry, here we will give you the answers to your questions about how to remove advertising on your mobile.

It is normal for ads to jump while you are playing or to use the browser, among other things, but what is cumbersome is that, without taking any action, ads appear. This is due to some software’s indiscriminate advertisements, making use of push notifications on the Android system.

The truth is this is not something usual. Only the less famous apps use such dirty strategies. Therefore, you should know that several applications will help you counteract all these ads or advertisements and give you the freedom to quietly use your phone.

Applications that can help you

There are many applications nowadays to be able to delete or at least to be able to detect which are those malicious applications, which are the ones that are causing you to appear advertising on your mobile.

One of those applications that we can mention is the Addons Detector, one of the most famous that we can show you. This detects the applications that send advertising, also monitors that the notifications are free of banners. In short, it helps you to eliminate all the problems that throw you advertising on your Android.

Why is it important to delete these apps?

Because as time goes by, many advertisements may contain viruses that can damage your phone or perhaps interrupt you in a cumbersome way an application that you are using at any time.

We recommend that you use any of those applications that help you detect the problem on your phone so that you have a device free of problems and viruses that, over time, will ruin your patience, speed, and the system as such in your mobile.

You should always be careful about the applications you are downloading. Before installing it, find out well about that app, if it is famous if it has a high score to do things correctly and do not have to spend money on an additional service so that your mobile does not give errors. Now that you know how to remove ad pops up when I unlock my phone with confidence.