What Type of Cool Scooters is Best for Tricks?

What Type of Cool Scooters is Best for Tricks?

What Type of Cool Scooters is Best for Tricks?

The world of scootering has significantly advanced since the introduction of the classic two-wheeled Razor scooters in the early 2000s. Nowadays, there are specialized scooters that have been designed explicitly for performing tricks and stunts, allowing riders to execute breathtaking aerials, grinds, manuals, and many other maneuvers. Selecting the right scooter that meets your technical requirements is crucial in advancing your trick repertoire. Therefore, what are the essential elements to consider when choosing a trick scooter, and what are the top-rated options currently available in the market?

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Trick Scooter

Deck Size and Shape

The deck of a scooter is the platform you stand on between the two wheels. For dialing in tricks, you’ll want a deck width of 19-21 inches for optimal control and stability. Wider decks like 22+ inches offer a roomier riding platform for larger feet, while narrower decks under 19 inches excel for technical flip tricks thanks to their lightweight and nimble handling.

The shape and concave of the deck also affect the scooter’s trackability. A quad concave deck has an indented curve on both sides, ideal for locking your feet in place. A triple concave takes this indentation a step further for even more foot control, while a double concave deck only indents along the edges. Newer deck shapes like the HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) utilize internal metal components to increase strength without adding bulk.


Trick scooters need to be lightweight enough to maneuver yet durable enough to withstand impacts from tricks. Most high-quality stunt scooters today weigh between 7-9 pounds on average. Heavier doesn’t necessarily mean better in this case – a lighter scooter with reinforced parts can offer a good balance of durability and maneuverability.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Trick Scooter


Look for tall, wide handlebars around 24-28 inches high to allow plenty of clearance when jumping and flipping the scooter. Grips should be long enough to accommodate both hands and your preferred riding stance. The tilt and swivel of the handlebars lets you turn and carve smoothly so opt for adjustable, reinforced bars that won’t bend under pressure.


Larger wheels tend to roll over obstacles better, while smaller wheels offer more acceleration and lightweight portability. Most trick scooters utilize wheels 100-120mm for all-around versatility. Wide, chunky wheels provide ample grip and stability for landing technical tricks. Softer PU (polyurethane) wheels also absorb shock better compared to hard plastic or PVC wheels.


Rear fender brakes are a standard issue on most stunt scooters. Look for a sturdy rear brake that doesn’t get in the way while allowing you to slow down quickly and safely. The braking system should engage smoothly without limiting tricks or mobility.


Scootering can be hard on equipment, so opt for sturdy aluminum, steel, or titanium components over plastic parts. Reinforced decks, bars, and hardware ensure the scooter can withstand repeated impacts without rattling loose or snapping. After extended wear, replace any damaged parts immediately to avoid injury and keep your scooter rolling.

Top Scooters for Tricks

Now let’s take a look at some of the top-rated scooters built for tricks and thrills:

Lucky Covenant Complete Stunt Scooter

With its sleek HIC compression system and triple stacked headtube clamp, this ultra-strong scooter lives up to its name. The wide Lucky Pro double concave deck offers excellent foot support, while the tall lucky Aon bars give you plenty of clearance. Other highlights include 110mm metal core wheels, Lucky neoprene grips, and a rear fender brake. Lightweight yet able to withstand hardcore riding, this scooter is a top choice for aspiring stunt riders.

District COS Complete Stunt Scooter

Known for its signature split headset design, District delivers pro-level quality ideal for progressing your skills. The COS model features their Forged 6061 T6 aluminum double concave deck for rugged durability, comfortably wide District 3D stamped steel bars, and District’s Evo grip tape to keep your feet locked in. With its dialed components and affordable price, this scooter lets beginners upgrade affordably while giving hardcore riders a smooth ride.

Envy Prodigy S8 Complete

Envy’s Prodigy series has become hugely popular thanks to its blend of affordability and high performance. The S8 model boasts their Prodigy SCS HIC compression system deck with 82.5 degree headtube and wide 22″ bars. It delivers incredible strength without excessive weight, along with a smooth rear alloy brake. Envy’s Solus tires combine speed and grip for sticking even the most technical landings.

Top Scooters for Tricks

Native Titan Complete Scooter

As its name suggests, this scooter utilizes ultra-lightweight titanium bars along with a wider 21.5″ deck for expert maneuverability. Its forged steel fork and oversized clamp stand up to hardcore riding session after session. You’ll also appreciate the soft Native Titan grips that are both comfortable and tactile. For charging the skatepark and streets aggressively, the Native Titan excels.

Blunt Envy Pro Scooter

Combining Blunt’s signature decks with Envy components, this scooter delivers pro-level quality at a reasonable price point. Its 20.5” wide 3 degree concave deck provides ample foot space while the 83 degree Prodigy SCS (Super Compression System) headset keeps the steering highly responsive. Tall 22″ bars, metal core wheels, and Blunt Edges grips round out the dialed setup.

Crisp Complete Stunt Scooter

Known for their stylish color schemes, Crisp scooters also deliver high-end performance. The Transit deck’s 3D forged aluminum construction keeps it feather-light while still able to withstand hardcore riding. Tall 23″ bars, metal-core wheels, and dialed components like the IHC (Integrated Headset Compression) system demonstrate Crisp’s quality craftsmanship.

AO Scooters Sport Complete Scooter

This scooter proves you don’t have to spend a fortune to start stunting. At under $100, the AO Sport model packs an impressive amount of value. The aluminum deck, steel fork, PVC wheels, and nylon brakes make up a durable starter setup. Easy to assemble and maintain, this budget-friendly scooter is a great way for aspiring riders to get started without breaking the bank. Once you progress, all the components can be individually upgraded, too.

Honorable Mentions

While the scooters above represent some of the top choices on the market, here are a few other noteworthy models to consider:

  • Aztek Architect Complete – Features their innovative Raptor double – walled fork design for added strength.
  • Proto SCS Complete – Utilizes indestructible titanium bars along with a wide 85° angled deck.
  • Addict A200 Complete – Strong and stable scooter with UHC (Ultimate Headset Compression) system.
  • Oxelo Stunt Scooter 540 – Affordable model a steel fork and rear fender brake.
  • Zone Z1 Pro Scooter – Quality entry-level scooter with alloy core wheels and wide bars.

Maintaining Your Scooter

Maintaining Your Scooter

No matter which stunt scooter you select, keeping it dialed will ensure optimum trick performance and extend its lifespan. Here are some key maintenance tips:

  • Inspect your scooter thoroughly before/after each session, tightening any loose parts and replacing damaged components immediately.
  • Clean the wheels/deck regularly and apply lubricant to the headset, brake, and wheels to prevent rust corrosion.
  • If adjusting the bars and headset, turn the Allen bolts incrementally to avoid stripping the threads.
  • Wipe the scooter down after riding to prevent dirt from damaging moving parts.
  • Store the scooter somewhere clean and dry when not in use to prevent moisture damage.
  • Consider adding grip tape, pegs or other accessories to customize your setup.

Proper maintenance will keep your scooter rolling smoothly for endless sessions. Always put safety first and wear protective gear like a helmet and pads when stunt riding too.


What age is best to start learning scooter tricks?

8-10 years old is an ideal time to start. Kids should have good coordination and balance abilities before attempting tricks. Always wear safety gear until skills progress.

What surface is best to learn tricks on?

Smooth, flat concrete surfaces like skateparks, tennis courts and playgrounds work well. Avoid tricking on rough roads or uneven terrain, which can cause loss of control.

Which trick should I learn first?

The bunny hop is a basic beginner scooter trick that helps develop skills for more advanced techniques. Work on lifting both wheels evenly and landing smoothly.

How can I get more height on my tricks?

Using your entire body, not just your legs, will generate more power and air. Also build your confidence slowly on smaller hops before attempting big air.

How do I prevent injury when attempting new tricks?

Always wear safety gear, master the basics, and progress gradually to more advanced maneuvers. Knowing your limits and not pushing too far too fast is key.


From legends like Lucky and District to new brands like AO bringing incredible value, today’s scooter options allow riders of all levels to dial in their dream setup. Utilizing pro-level components like HIC and IHC compression systems along with wide, reinforced decks and tall steel or titanium bars, modern stunt scooters can withstand repeated thrashing while delivering incredibly smooth rides.

Whether you’re dropping in at the skatepark or charging city streets, a tailored scooter built expressly for tricks will bring your skills, and stoke, to new heights. What is a cruiser electric bike or eBike? It’s not just a mode of transportation; it’s a gateway to exhilarating rides, combining the ease of an electric bike with the laid-back comfort of a cruiser. Just don’t forget that critical maintenance to keep your ride rolling smooth. Most importantly, progress at your own pace, have fun, and remember your protective gear. Scootering is all about good times, creativity, and camaraderie with friends. Now get out there, ride hard, and keep pushing your limits on your cruiser eBike!