What to Do If You’ve Broken Your Smartphone

What to Do If You’ve Broken Your Smartphone

Smartphones aren’t designed to be broken, but sometimes it can sure feel that way. If you’ve accidentally smashed your phone’s screen, dropped it in water, or damaged it some other way, then the first thing to do is determine whether or not the phone is still usable. The good news is that most modern smartphones can still be used after some damage, as long as you’re extra careful with them – probably a good time to get that screen protector or case you wish you’d had earlier. But if your phone is out of action and you can’t afford a new one, what are your options?

Borrow Some Money:

If you’re in a position to, borrowing some money might be a good option for you if you really need a phone right now. You can apply to a short term loan direct lender to cover the cost of getting a new phone or repairing your broken one. There are also many options to consider when it comes to purchasing a new phone on finance, if you want to get a particularly expensive model and spread the cost over time.

Check Your Contract:

If you’re in a smartphone contract and want to get a new phone, then it may be worth checking whether or not you would be eligible for an early upgrade. Many smartphone contract providers will allow you to upgrade your handset early for a small fee, even if your contract is not ending for a while, so it’s definitely worth getting in touch to find out if this would be possible in your situation.

Buy Refurbished:

If you need to get a new smartphone handset but don’t have enough cash to buy one brand new, another option you might want to look into is buying a second hand or refurbished phone. You can find refurbished handsets from many manufacturers or resellers; opt for one with a guarantee to ensure that if anything does go wrong you can get it fixed or replaced without worry.

Check Your Insurance:

If you have insurance on your smartphone or have home contents insurance, then before you do anything, check the policy to see whether or not it covers accidental damage. Some insurance policies will cover you for the cost of repairs or provide a replacement even if you damaged the phone accidentally, so it’s definitely worth a check.

Repair Your Own Phone:

If the damage to your smartphone isn’t that great, then you might be able to get away with repairing it yourself. There are plenty of common smartphone repairs that you could easily do yourself with the help of a YouTube tutorial; if you’re confident that you could do it with the right instructions, then it’s definitely worth searching.

Consider Getting Insurance for Next Time:

Finally, if you don’t have insurance that covers your smartphone for accidental damage, then it’s definitely something worth considering for next time. Although it’s an additional monthly cost, it’s definitely worth the investment for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you don’t have to deal with these issues again should your new or repaired smartphone be damaged.

If you’ve broken your smartphone, don’t worry – there are options you can consider.