We evaluated the speakers SRS-BTX300

We evaluated the speakers SRS-BTX300

The same vertical growth of a city like Lima forced to change. Even if the user wants to purchase a great team and powerful sound, it is likely that its size does not take place in the small rooms of the new departments.

So the alternative of having wireless speakers and enough power is more than adequate. I tried the speaker Sony SRS-BTX300. Is the verdict? A useful and efficient in their work unit.


It is simple, effective and elegant. It has a rectangular shape, but with rounded corners. The front side is covered by the gray net. Its dimensions (341 mm x 115 mm x 58.5 mm) and weight (1.6 kilos) do not as portable as it should be.

Interestingly, the right side can be opened a kind of leg that besides expose the control buttons, allows the speaker stand upright.

It has an auxiliary input for connecting computers without Bluetooth or NFC and a USB port for charging other devices.


The pairing via Bluetooth and via NFC is easy (especially if it’s with Sony devices). It offers two options Mega Bass EQ (yellow), Mega Bass Surround Sound plus (green). The option does not turn void any light.

Performance is good, but when the volume to higher levels takes, low saturate. It is best to keep the effect.

It has an internal rechargeable battery. It offers a battery life of about seven hours. It is possible to connect a power cable to the mains.

If the speaker is paired with your smartphone, when a call playback smoothly cut to make way for communication. The speaker has a microphone that can be answered with its hands-free system.The scope of the Bluetooth connectivity is higher than that of other equipment.


The device is priced at S /. 599 in department stores and on the premises of Sony.


The SRS-BTX300 are very attractive and good performance speakers, but suffer when they are brought to the limit.