We evaluated the Sony Vaio Tap 11

We evaluated the Sony Vaio Tap 11

Comes a new model of hybrid or two in one. This time the combination of design and performance reaches a level very prominent.

For a little over a week I tried the new Vaio Tap 11, a new alternative in the emerging segment in one or two hybrids. Again, let the Japanese high fence in this area, specifically with the Premium market.


It is very attractive, highlighting the “very”. It has the highest level spirit of the Xperia line. Comes with a very light cover which is also a wireless keyboard. It’s comfortable, but on the computer I tried to link it had problems with the screen.

In the back is a foot that supports the screen on a flat surface. However, being a screen 11 “I compliqué manipulate it as a little tablet.

It is a very light very thin team (304 mm x 188 mm x 99 mm). Tablet weighs only 780 grams and with the keyboard slightly exceeds the kilo.

Eye. Although level design is very attractive, sometimes I had trouble handling the computer without the keyboard is detached from the rest of the team.


Sony will put the screen 11.6 “of this equipment Triluminios mobile technology. It is Full HD (1920 x 1080) LED and Backlight technology. 
It has inputs for Micro SD memory, USB 3.0 port, micro HDMI output, headphone / mic and electricity.

Bring Vaio productivity software preinstalled. Also antivirus and entertainment software.

I think this is because the screen is Widescreen type, which takes away a bit of maneuverability.


In this plane excels. Bring Intel Core i5 processor and fourth generation Windows 8.1 operating system. Adobe Brings Photoshop Elements 12 installed for retouching images. The software worked flawlessly. It has an 8 MP rear camera, but it has limitations.

Bring a Stylus Pen greatly facilitates the use of equipment. Why? Because at least from my point of view the Windows tablet has some features that are very difficult to control with the fingertips (eg Chrome tabs).


The Vaio Tap 11 is an attractive and well-performing team. And if you want the Premium will have a high price to pay.