We evaluated the Samsung Galaxy S5

We evaluated the Samsung Galaxy S5

It is the most important commitment of the Korean in terms of smartphones this year.It is one of the best phones of the year

I heard and read much about the new Samsung Galaxy S5 before and after launch. The views were, of course, divided. However, high-end smartphones (regardless of manufacturer) have reached a point where you basically have the same characteristics. What made ​​the difference? I believe the details are mostly about software and user experience.

I tried for a week the new Galaxy S5 and is undoubtedly the most interesting mobile device that has come to our country in that year.


The S5 maintains the style of the Galaxy family, but with some changes: the new model leaves the rounded lines of the S3 and S4combines the elegant with youth..

Although the raw material remains the critical plastic-something on a device Premium- finish is interesting. Has chrome edges and back cover appearance longer be smooth to textured.

The screen is Super Amoled 5.1 “(1920×1080), which makes the phone body grow compared to the S4. Although a minimal increase,makes it difficult to use with one hand.


As a team, in general, I found it very good. It has a quad-core processor at 2.5 GHz and uses the Android 4.4.2 (Kit Kat) operating system. In heavy use of web browsing, email, social networking and other applications, 2,800 mAh battery range to allow for more than one day.

As for the many-camera important -Appearance was pleasant experience. The rear has 16 MP. It offers direct access from the home screen, but it is locked. Catches them very fast and also has a fast and precise autofocus. We notice that there is an improvement in the sensor. You can record video in ultra-high-definition or 4K.

Its interface is simple and not confuse the variety of modes. Only some come already installed and you can download the rest. The new version of the TouchWiz interface found very interesting and refreshing.

One of the low points of the audio theme. Although there are good alternatives in software, the audio output is not the best.

It is ready to work with the 4G LTE network used in Peru.


One of its attractions is the sensor fingerprint . To unlock the computer works well, but has limitations: you need to swipe your finger over the sensor-button. This forces you to take the computer with one hand and slide your finger over the sensor to the other. Doing this with one hand is very complicated.

It has taken the flash area to place a heartbeat sensor. Although it may be difficult to make it work, its measurement is accurate. Works well with the applications that come installed by default.

It has IP67 certification, which protects it from water and dust. Eye can not dip more than a meter or more than a few minutes. This protection requires that the USB 3.0 and micro-USB input has a lid. Remove it to load the equipment is complicated.

Bring Ultra Power Saving Mode option, which allows you to maximize the battery. When activated, the screen changes to show color and grayscale only access to some applications is allowed.

Another novelty is that it brings the Kid Mode. This allows you to restrict access to specific applications and multimedia content.


The Galaxy S5 is one of the best phones that came to Peru in 2014 is undoubtedly the opponent to win the battle of smartphones. Yet they r ecomiendo test the equipment in a center of experience before taking a decision.