We evaluated the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

We evaluated the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Samsung has a tablet designed specifically for children’s use of the house

Everyone wants a tablet. But when there are children at home, things get complicated. Parents must consider many aspects, from restricting access to certain applications to limit the time of use.

For several days I tried the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Kids 3 Samsung. This is a good option in this segment, as it gives parents a real control over the computer.


It is the same as the Galaxy Tab 7 presents traditional and has the same dimensions (111.1 mm x 188 mm x 9.9 mm and 302 grams). The first major and obvious difference-and that gives you the most childish air is yellow in the housing.

The product includes a rubber boot. Believe it or not, is an important piece because it will avoid the rapid deterioration of equipment against possible falls. Yes, the screen will remain the most vulnerable.

Rubber housing is not the only accessory. There are other acting as one way to stand and allows you to use the tablet resting on a flat base.

Its screen is 7 “WSVGA (1024 × 600). It’s simple, but multi-touch and shows colors very vividly.


The computer has a dual-core processor, 1.2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 3 MP front camera and 1.3 MP back camera. In addition, you can increase the memory by an external card. The performance is the same as in the Galaxy 7.0 Tab 3. For the use of a child is more than enough.

An apparatus for children is not only in appearance but also by how much profit can give a child. In this case, no special pre-installed applications to children. These make the most of the touch screen and are based on common situations. For example, the salon is very funny. This aims to be creative in the cuts and hairstyles that should make the most outlandish beings visiting our business. The games are simple, but visually very attractive and above all fun.

The profile for children allows the user to access the camera (to take pictures and videos) and email (which should be monitored by parents), but not to browse the Internet.

Another very important aspect is that the parent decides what days and for how long will the tablet.When the time is fulfilled, the computer crashes and be the dad who must use a password.

It also allows children leave the profile (which is the default one) and use the tablet with Android operating system like any other Korean.

You can access the Play Store and the children’s section of the store Samsung Apps. All applications (free and paid) are special for children.

In general, the operation of the equipment is very fluid, despite the graphic requirement. Yes, it is possible that after a few minutes of continuous use to warm a little.


Undoubtedly, the Galaxy Tab for Kids is for children not only by color. Samsung has brought to this device the functions designed specifically for a child’s advantage. Also gives parents needed to get involved and exercise control over the use that will give you the tools lower the device. Eye: Suggested age home to start using the tablet is 3 years.