We evaluate GFlex LG

We evaluate GFlex LG

In the new segment ‘phablets’ (between tablets and smartphones), the Korean LG puts high fence

Honestly it was relatively recently that found sense of these devices that are between smartphones and tablets. They are not for the typical user; are not just for entertainment.

I think that indeed is a category which aims to entrepreneurs, businessmen. Their dimensions and features can combine very adequately productivity applications and entertainment.

The Korean LG plays his chips GFlex a ‘phablet’ is striking not for its size but for its curved surface. I had this new computer for several days and left me a very interesting feeling.


In this area is where most attention. It is very similar to G2, with rounded corners and smooth finish.

Although its dimensions are large (160.5 mm x 81.6 mm x 7.9 mm) is not difficult to take it with one hand but the smooth casing is not recommended for a better grip. Not a Heavy Equipment and weighs only 177 grams.

Repeat the keyboard layout on the back, below the camera and do not bother because it harnesses the natural position of the index finger to make the team.


The first thing you notice is its shape. A better conforming, for example, the face when used as a telephone. But its size is best answered using headphones or the ‘hands free’.

The team is really flexible. Totally can adopt a flat shape without damage. Their housing is resistant to any scratches (with some heat marks disappear), but I doubt serve with deeper lesions.

The large screen 6 “striking and efficient. However, for a team located in the premium segment, expect better resolution.

The GFlex brings processor 2.26 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon with Adreno GPU 330-450 MHz. Their RAM is 2GB and uses the Android Jelly Bean (4.2.2) operating system. Their performance is good and just have to wait the update to Android Kit Kat (4.4).

Your camera is 13 MP. Sample day efficiency, but with problems in image stabilization. The shooting in low light or night suffers.

One aspect to highlight is its 3,500 mAh battery. Intensive In has a range that far exceeds one day.


The phone is ready for 4G LTE technology. However, the operator is Sure-so far does not provide this service in the country.

Knock Presents Code. Before, with two taps on the screen is activated or deactivated the phone. Now, the screen is divided into four and the user can choose combinations of 2 to 8 strokes to define its security sequence.


In GFlex LG shows its technological capacity and daring to innovate. It is very interesting with great performance but could have a better screen and be a great premium product.