Toshiba’s glasses are like the Google Glass but less intelligent


Toshiba’s glasses are like the Google Glass but less intelligent

No major company in this electronics consume who wants to be out of the game of wearables. Although it makes sense to get in easier to move like watches or bracelets land, Toshiba also dares with glasses.

Here the reference is clear, Google Goggles, which are also quite a complicated device clone, not the hardware used, but for the services and relations with Android, the search engine company may raise.

GadgetIn glasses there is only one projector

Toshiba’s proposal has remained in between, would rather say that it is an auxiliary display of information. A much simpler idea, because here is no system data processor, no cameras, no battery or even communication systems.

What we found is a pico projector, representing images in the lenses, which have a source other mobile device. In fact, the prototype shown in CEATEC, joins via a telephone cable. It weighs 42 grams.

Although the possibilities are reduced to the model of Google, we will not forget that you can have interesting applications, especially in those areas where we need information and hands free.

Toshiba wants to launch his glasses to the market sometime next year, and obviously will be a lot more affordable than the Google Glass ($ 1,500) device.

Right now there are many interesting things that are being shown at CEATEC 2014 in Japan as the Aiko robot that communicates with sign language. If we are seeing relevant news, share them here.