Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive, a beautiful stick with encryption system

USB stick

Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive, a beautiful stick with encryption system

A code encryption protects the data of this new Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive

The new Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive is a key that might like it more than anybody, except for the price: we doubt, in fact, that there is the desire to buy a USB memory from 4 GB to 95 dollars …

USB stickIt is, however, one digit perhaps justified by the fact that the key in question is equipped with an encryption system that allows to combat theft in the best conditions; to use it, in fact, we will have to enter a code via the keypad, before inserting it into the USB port of PC and various devices.

Safety is a priority, in short, for Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive: safety and quality, of course, because we know that the Japanese company is a major player in the market for flash storage; we were in you, therefore, not this solution, though the price is not exactly the best (because, except for the Chinese companies on the rise and some other small producer, the prices of these brands roam all around these figures).

The encryption system at the base of the new key is a 256 bit AES: essentially consists of a code by typing on a small keyboard present on the body of the key; This means you have to charge something that will hold the system for the recognition of the code, and in fact, Toshiba has designed a small rechargeable battery that will allow the inclusion of the code before energizing the drive. Forget, in short, of having to enter the code when the key is inserted into the PC, perhaps in uncomfortable places: everything will happen before posting.

The cuts of Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive are four: starting from 4 GB and you get to 32, with rates of 95, 112, 140 and 200 dollars. If, good expense!