Toffee allows you to control your device by tapping the table


Toffee allows you to control your device by tapping the table

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh believe that the table on which we place a laptop, tablet or even your smartphone, it can be a valid target for that with just a few taps on it, we can manage the device.

GadgetToffee, which is like have called this system presented in the last edition of the Mobile HCI meeting in Canada, uses affordable microphones placed on the device you want to control.

Through an application, these microphones pick up the information of the vibration that comes from a blow on the table, and identifies which instruction or action have partnered to touch that part of the specific table.

The system works similar to a sonar, calculating where the detected vibration comes. Chris Harrison, one of the researchers involved in this work, believes it would be expensive and complex manufacturers could integrate this type of microphones on their devices and allow a different control for certain applications or games.

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