Three Ways to Protect Your Home from Outside Dangers

Three Ways to Protect Your Home from Outside Dangers

Your home is your sanctuary and the one place in the world where you should feel secure and protected. When you don’t have the right supplies and equipment on hand, you leave your home exposes to burglars, thieves and other nefarious people. Even if you purchase a home security system from a reputable dealer and have 24/7 monitoring of your home and lawn, you might still not have all the protection you need. There are three great security products that can increase your protection, safety and security.

Video Surveillance Cameras

A traditional home alarm system features sensors that sit on doors and other openings that alert the system when someone attempts to break through those openings. These systems will send out an alarm and contact the monitoring company for additional help. You can take your system to the next level with video surveillance cameras that record footage taken around your home. The cameras monitor the property 24 hours a day and let you view the footage the system records. You can even find cameras that give you a live feed of your home and let you check the camera recordings when you’re at work.

Power Supplies

A home security system won’t protect you when the power goes out. As many of these systems rely on the electrical system of your home, you’ll find that the system stops working when the power goes down during a storm. Some systems may come with a battery backup, but these batteries usually only provide enough power for a few hours. Power supplies let you get all the power you need, even if your electrical system goes down for an entire night. The right supplies can keep your alarms, sensors and cameras running for nearly a full day.

Video and Cable Extenders

Video and cable extenders give your alarm and monitoring system a larger range. What good is a camera that can only monitor a small area of your lawn? With extenders, you can get a good look at your entire lawn, house and even garage. When you purchase an antennae like the antex xm100, grab an antennae extender to provide that antennae with a greater range too. With products like video and cable extenders, video surveillance cameras and power supplies, you can provide your alarm and monitoring system with more power to protect your family and home.