The Difference Between Web Development and Web Design

The Difference Between Web Development and Web Design

There are a lot of people confusing the terms web design and web development. Even if many people think that these two concepts refer at the same thing, the truth is that web design is all about what the user sees on the website while web development is all about the functionality of every website.

In this article you will further find out more about this topic and understand better the differences between web development and web design.

The color scheme and the graphics are very important at every website. This is because studies reveal that people see colors and graphics before they see words so creating a good first impression is done with the help of a web designer. The visual aspect of every website is important because the Internet visitors are known to have a very short attention span so you should be able to attract them from the first moments they land on the website.


The content of every website is very important for the success of the business. This is because it needs to be explicit and explain the products and the services that your website is selling. It has to be relevant and easy to understand for everyone. The navigation of your website should be very easy to use for the best results from different users. This is where the functionality of the website is needed at high parameters.

The web development of the website is different from webs design this way. The technical aspect of the website is given by the web development while the aesthetic part of the website is offered by the web design. This is the main difference between these two concepts.
The usability of the website is a job for the web developer as it is also a technical matter. On the other hand the looks and feel of the website is the job of the web design specialist. If you are looking for a web design service you should definitely opt for one that can incorporate great design and functionality of your website. There are web designers that are also web developers but this is not necessarily true for all of them.

In conclusion, there is a big difference between web design and web development because they refer to two different things. The aesthetic part of the website is very important because it can catch the eye and it is the job of the web design. On the other hand, the functionality of the website is also important and it is the feature of the web developer. Both of them are important as they need to be combined for a good website.