The 9 most curious and rare gadgets on the market

The 9 most curious and rare gadgets on the market

Technological evolution is leading to create devices like never seen before

Technology surprises us continuously. Every year, every week, and almost every day, devices designed to make life easier for us come to the market. With which we not only enjoy our favorite hobbies but also incorporate unique features.

‘Gadgets’ there are many, but some are truly unrepeatable.

AJA Cion Camcorderrare gadgets

As versatile in the studio as in the open field, this retro-looking camcorder offers the best recording quality in any situation. At its heart, an APS-C CMOS sensor offers 4K video recording. And a 12-point dynamic range focus that, together with its electronic trigger. Ensures you the absence of problems even in full motion. It records directly to your high-speed memory card in Apple ProRes formats and comes equipped with a PL mount. The standard for lenses in the motion picture industry. It one of the best technological gadgets.

Musical keyboard Seabord Riserare gadgets

As far as musical instruments are concerned, it must be recognized that it is not easy to innovate. But the Seaboard Rise keyboard has achieved just that. To be an innovative product that completely changes the way musicians create their melodies. This keyboard is totally different from everything known. With an exterior made of high quality black anodized aluminum that gives it a different touch. And makes it extremely light for transport. In addition, the keyboard works with a battery, allowing you to use it anywhere. It can be connected to any computer, tablet or smartphone to record with any software or hardware on the market. It is available in two and four octaves. It one of the best technological gadgets.

Support for Apple Watch elago W3 “Classic Macintosh”rare gadgets

The smartwatch of Apple is already the best selling in the world, and the accessories that come out for him are increasing. But few as original as this one. The vintage design of this stand is reminiscent of the first Macintosh, that iconic computer that transformed personal computing forever. And now becomes the perfect support for the Apple Watch of the most nostalgic and geeks. When you enter the clock in the upper slot, it changes to “night” mode emulating a screensaver. Compatible with both versions of the smartwatch, its special silicone prevents scratching or damaging the device when inserting and removing it. Does not include the charging cable. Continue reading- FIVE SELF-POWERED DESKTOP SPEAKERS TO SPICE UP YOUR PC OR A SMALL TV

Motiv activity ringrare gadgets

Activity bracelets – those that measure the calories we burn, the steps we take and the exercise we do – there are many. But, what have you not heard of an activity ring? It is in the process of manufacturing, and in addition to measuring the activity of the wearer, it also measures the heart rate and monitors the sleep. Its elegant design makes it suitable for them and for them, and its manufacture allows you to carry it in any situation, regardless of whether you attend a gala or if you are doing some laps in the pool. Compatible with Android phones and the iPhone, will be released this spring. It one of the best technological gadgets.

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PowerRay Smart Fishhookrare gadgets

The fishermen are in luck since the PowerVision firm has launched to the market the most advanced fishing hook-and radar in the world. Under the name of PowerRay, we are facing the most amazing marine gadget that has been in years. Using virtual reality and real-time imaging technology, this self-powered device is controlled by a smartphone or tablet to guide it to the bottom of the sea in search of fish. The camera that incorporates shows us the marine interior, and the special support drags the hook to the hunting and capture of the fish. It’s really amazing.

Volta V computerrare gadgets

When you want to buy a computer you usually have two options: buy something nice and have a good design or buy something expandable in the future. But with the Volta V, you will not have to choose between the beautiful and the expandable. And I’m sure you’ve never seen a computer like this before. Its housing is made of machined wood in one piece and finished by hand, and the components of its interior are mounted on magnetic supports that allow its extension to be really simple. In addition, its small height -they are only 14 cm.- not only make it ideal to place the monitor on top, but also to store the keyboard under its legs. Available with many accessories and finishes, such as bamboo or walnut. It one of the best technological gadgets.

Intelligent padlock Ellipsrare gadgets

Cycling to work instead of driving is smart, so why not also carry a similar padlock on the bike? This padlock created by the San Francisco Lattis company is truly unique. Manufactured with 17 mm reinforced steel. It is one of the safest there is. But what is really unique is its anti-theft system, which sends an alert to the mobile if someone tries to move the bike while it is with the padlock on, and whose range is 240 meters. This system, whose sensitivity is configurable, uses an encryption of a security level equivalent to that of banking systems. It is also social since it allows us to lend to whoever we want our bicycle by opening the padlock from a distance.

Cardiac monitor QardioCorrare gadgets

Medical-grade heart rate monitors are usually bulky and full of wires. But that was until now. The QardioCore is the first medical quality sensor capable of monitoring the heart rate of any person without wires or patches. This device, compatible with Apple devices, connects to its own mobile application to control the state of the heart in detail. The system allows performing medical precision electrocardiograms without the need for complex devices, and also shares the information with the family doctor or specialist. The device also allows controlling skin temperature, activity, respiratory rate and changes in heart rate. It one of the best technological gadgets.

Wireless keyboard Lofreerare gadgets

Mechanical keys in the 21st century? Yes, yes and YES. And over rounded, as in the first typewriters. Have you just needed to give it a design more in the style of the old Underwood? But even if it looks like an older keyboard, it actually incorporates the most modern technology. That exists since we are dealing with a Bluetooth device compatible with any computer -Windows and Mac-, tablet and mobile phone on the market to which you can connect up to three of them simultaneously. Available in different colors, this keyboard can be used with cable if desired. And it is also backlit allowing it to be used even without any light in the room.

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