Five self-powered desktop speakers to spice up your PC or a small TV

Five self-powered desktop speakers to spice up your PC or a small TV

The multiple possibilities to reproduce formats, use different types of software, access to streaming services. And sources of online content provided by a personal computer make it a more than valid option to use as the main core of a sound system, multimedia center or key piece of a home theater set.

Although the best sound will usually be obtained by betting on a receiver- based system plus HiFi speakers. If we do not want to spend much, we have little space available or we simply need an auxiliary sound equipment complementary to the main one, self-powered desktop speakers will be a good option it will allow us to give voice to our PC or even to a television of small dimensions.

So today we propose 5 different models of stereo and for all kinds of budgets with which to accompany our beloved personal computers:

Five self-powered desktop speakers

Klipsch R-14PMdesktop speakers

Starting with a high-performance model close to HiFi, a few months ago Klipsch presented the R-14PM with shelf-type monitor design. It has digital optical connections, analog stereo RCA (phono included), auxiliary 3.5 mm jack plus a USB port for devices that can transmit sound with this system. And a Bluetooth link compatible with aptX to send music from your mobile, tablet u computer without cables. Klipsch R-14PM is one of the best desktop speakers.

It includes a preamplified exit to connect an external subwoofer with which to increase the power of serious if we need it. It uses a 4-inch woofer and a 0.75-inch aluminum tweeter in Tractrix horn format with power remaining at a total of 80 watts (40 for each speaker). And a maximum sound pressure of 103 dB with the frequency response of between 80 Hz and 20 KHz.

Also includes a remote control to control the different functions and a cable to interconnect both speakers together. The price? Round the 400 dollars the couple and if we need the better response in serious we can buy the superior version with the driver of 5.25 inches for about 110 dollars more.

Edifier e25HDdesktop speakers

For a few months, we had the opportunity to try the Edifier e25HD. Round HiFi speakers in many aspects that stand out for their careful curved design. And its remarkable sound scene with great reproduction of small nuances.

In addition to the connection via Bluetooth and the auxiliary, we have an optical input that is always welcome. We also have touch playback controls and a remote control. They include all cables and their main 3-inch drivers offer good decent media and bass for the small size of the speaker. It is one of the best desktop speakers.

With dimensions of 122 x 212 x 222 mm they have a power of 15×2 watts (highs) plus 22×2 watts (low). A frequency response between 50 Hz and 20 KHz and a signal-to-noise ratio of 85dBA. The price? We will leave for 200 dollars the couple. Continue Reading- 3 ELECTRONIC DEVICES THAT WORK AS SPY CAMERA

Wharfedale DS-2desktop speakers

Wharfedale has recently introduced a new model of ultra-compact and self-amplifying speaker, the DS-2. Designed as a shelf speaker and designed to be placed next to a personal computer on the desktop using a 3.5mm audio cable or an aptX Bluetooth interface.

Under its 19cm height, we find a classic two-way configuration consisting of a 2 cm tweeter made of silk dome. And a 7.5 cm woofer with polypropylene cone that handles medium and low frequencies, both protected by metal grilles.

In the back part, the bass-reflex ports for the air outlet have been located. Which help to improve the bass response. In addition, a 30-watt RMS amplifier capable of reaching 60-watt peaks has been included inside. Its price is around 245 dollars.

Logitech Z337desktop speakers

Going down a step in terms of performance and high fidelity orientation we find the Logitech Z337. Designed to complement our desktops and laptops connected both by cable and wirelessly through a link Bluetooth 4.1.

It is a 2.1 set consisting of two satellite speakers with a power of 8 watts each plus a central subwoofer that is responsible for reproducing the bass of the whole set with 24 watts of RMS power.

The kit is completed with a control base from which we can manage playback. Select the Bluetooth devices that we want to use as a source and vary the volume level. We also have a 3.5 mm jack for wired connections and a headphone output if we want a private listening. Its price is around 120 dollars or even a little less in online stores.

Creative Pebbledesktop speakers

If what we are looking for is something even simpler and the reduced power is no problem. Creative announced at the beginning of the year the launch of new desktop speakers called Pebble. With a striking design that according to the brand is reminiscent of the shapes. That we find in gardens Zen or Karensansui gardens. They have a spherical shape that seeks to fit as well as possible in any type of decoration. And inside they mount a two-inch speaker. Which together with the passive radiator of 4.5 by 3.5 inches offer a power output of 2, 2 watts per channel.

They offer a response frequency that oscillates between 50 Hz and 20 KHz and to improve the distribution of sound they have a 45-degree angle that looks for it to be broadcast more evenly. We can connect them to the PC using a USB port or a 3.5 mm jack cable. Although the possibility of allowing the connection without wires has been left on the way.

They have a built-in volume control in the front area that makes it easy for us to raise or lower the volume without having to make use of the control of the sound source. Its price is around 30 euros in online stores, being the cheapest option on the list. Those are the best desktop speakers.

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