The 16 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

The 16 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

A selection of essential applications to take full advantage of Apple’s new mobile iPhone X.

The iPhone X has become by its own merits in the most revolutionary Apple smartphone. Both by design and by hardware. And is that one of its most distinctive features is its spectacular 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina HD screen. With hardly any frames and with a new aspect ratio of 18.5: 9. A particularity that conditions the appearance of the apps and in how they are displayed on the screen. Especially by the famous tab on the top that houses sensors and the camera. So much so, that more and more developers are updating. And adapting their applications to make the most of the screen space and correctly position all their icons. So that this tab does not represent a problem. Therefore, we offer you a selection of 16 essential apps to maximize our iPhone X.

The applications best adapted to the iPhone X screen

Youtube16 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

The most popular streaming video service in the world is already fully adapted to iPhone X with its own application exclusively designed for the Apple smartphone.

Netflix16 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

One of the platforms of series and films by streaming more known at the moment, especially in our living rooms, comes with a new adaptation to the iPhone; and that is that we can even expand the videos to full screen regardless of the tab in horizontal format.

Whatsapp16 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

The messaging application par excellence already has its own version specially designed to fit the screen of the iPhone X. In addition, and beyond the aesthetic update, presents new features in facial recognition and gestures in the absence of the Home button. Continue reading- THE 9 MOST CURIOUS AND RARE GADGETS ON THE MARKET

Telegram X16 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

The edition in dark mode of the famous Telegram already has its version designed for iPhone X with a new repositioning of icons, as well as exclusive functions.

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PayPal16 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

The PayPal application, the most popular payment, transfer and financial management service, already has its update for the new screen of the iPhone X, one of the most solved adaptations so far.

Time page

An app of calendar type that will be very useful to organize our tasks and commitments, a kind of very easy to use agenda that has been perfectly adapted to iPhone X and its particular interface.

Google Photos

The official Google application to manage our images and photographs is positioned as one of the most recommended to view our multimedia files with total security, now with a better-organized space regarding the particularities of the iPhone X.

VSCO16 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

And if we want to edit our own images and photographs in a quick and easy way we cannot stop recommending the VSCO app, which in its latest version offers full support for iPhone X.

Snapseed16 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

Another application to edit our images with a multitude of tools and image filters to get the perfect snapshots for every occasion.

Amazon Kindle

If there is an electronic book reader par excellence, it is none other than Amazon’s own, with which we can take our favorite books and novels wherever we want with the broadest offer in the sector.

Mega16 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

The popular storage and file management service offers up to 50 GB of free space in the cloud, now with a fully adapted interface.


Do you like to travel accompanied or accompanied by your favorite music? Are you a fan of groups, artists or musical genres? With Spotify, you can take your favorite music wherever you want with a library virtually endless streaming and a new design created especially for the iPhone X.


An app very well adapted to the iPhone X interface that will allow us to enjoy the best food at home with a few simple steps.

Google Maps

The most popular real-time positioning and localization application offer a very well adapted interface. The best alternative to the native application of our iPhone X.

Super Mario Run16 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

We did not want to miss the opportunity to recommend video games for the iPhone X. And one of them is none other than Nintendo’s incombustible Super Mario Run. A runner version of the legendary platform game totally adapted to iPhone X.

Monument Valley 216 best apps adapted for the iPhone X

Another title that we can not miss is Monument Valley 2, a magical puzzle adventure that will take us to a fantastic world in which we will have to play with perspective to discover all its secrets; and thanks to its great artistic design, it will look better than ever on the new iPhone X screen.

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