Synaptics SecurePad, the sensor for fingerprints is coming on consumer laptop


Synaptics SecurePad, the sensor for fingerprints is coming on consumer laptop

Synaptics has just officially announced its new product SecurePad Synaptics, a scanner for detecting fingerprints, built in trackpad, promises to bring a secure laptop inside the end consumer.

Scanners for fingerprints are not nearly as an emerging technology, but rather a technical characteristic whose position, in the last year, has been consolidated within the high-end electronic devices – we saw them in some smartphones Samsung and in ‘iPhone 5S.

GadgetEven before this, however, was a feature already widely used in the professional such as terminals for use in the business world and are different manufacturers interesting to spread the use of a slice of the broader range of users, such Apple to name one example.

The Cupertino company has shed scanners for fingerprints of the most recent models of the iPhone and iPad while to take the next step will be Synaptics. The name of the US company will surely be known to many as it is one of the leading developers of hardware interfaces, like the trackpad, destined for various products (Asus, Dell, HP …).

Synaptics has recently announced the arrival of SecurePad a technology for detecting fingerprints directly integrated into the touchpad. The interface is developed following the philosophy of FIDO, an alliance supported by big technology and payment systems such as Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, Netflix, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Bank of America.

The technology provides precisely the elimination of passwords replaced by a system of fingerprint identification cryptographically secure that occurs between the client and the service that you are trying to access.

Synapctics has released the first version of SecurePad that manufacturers will integrate into their systems and that will initially be targeted at high-end handsets.