Speaker BeoLab 17 new version in all black


Speaker BeoLab 17 new version in all black

The color cut can make all the difference. Use different shades is sufficient to confer a new specificity dialectic to technology products.

Bang & Olufsen offers the total black BeoLab 17 speaker high end Wireless, which is distinguished by its unique design and acoustic performance worthy of the rank.

SpeakerIn the new guise of colors, the speaker of the Danish brand adds different shades to the choice of those who love home decor. With the all-black, Bang & Olufsen offers an alternative to the play of light created by aluminum. The ability to change the colors of Teline fabric also allows you to submit BeoLab 17 in a visually strong and to add style to the room in a very discreet manner.

Not only aesthetics and interior design, however, as the jewel in the crown is the purity of the sound, with acoustic performances that will satisfy the most demanding palates. The innovative lines are joined to the positioning flexibility, from floor to ceiling, with a wide range of intermediate locations.

The cabinet triangular BeoLab 17, created by Torsten Valeur David Lewis Designers, is carved from a single piece of extruded aluminum to provide a form of great pleasure that expresses the quality of the language work.

This speaker uses a standard wireless channels and bandwidth sufficient to provide a listening experience faithful to the original recording, without damaging the graft in the environmental frame of reference with annoying tangles of wires, damaging more and aesthetics.