Slice up Your Hard Drive using EaseUS Partition Master

Partition Master

Slice up Your Hard Drive using EaseUS Partition Master

Speaking of good disk partition utilities, EaseUS Partition Master tops the list of reasonably priced programs. There are various editions to this partition manager, ranging from free to professional. Targeted for different base of audiences and they are all fully functional towards the consumers they are targeted to. For example, the professional version serves the purpose of the computer troubleshooting guys very well, whereas the free version is just enough for home users. EaseUS Partition Master Free does all basic jobs like creating and formatting a partition, resizing a hard disk drive, merging drives and disk cloning. The user friendly software interface is very straight forward for its users to understand the features.


The free version is very limited to some features only and the highest amount of drive supported is only 8 TB. However, for most users even 8 TB is an overrated hard drive size. The EaseUS Partition Master Professional is available for $39.95 and the Partition Master Server sells for $159. Both the latter versions support hard disk drives up to 16 TB.

Extensive Feature Range

The number of basic features the EaseUS Partition Master provides is pretty good. The free version is only limited to resizing and merging partitions; for drives up to 8 TB. Now for any home user who got their hard drive pre-formatted by their computer vendor, won’t need anything more than this. Even preparing a new hard drive to fit into a computer system doesn’t require any more functionality than these. The partitioning speed is moderate, not blazing fast neither very slow.

On the other hand, the Partition Master Professional comes with a handful of features. For example, if a hard drive has dynamic volumes then formatting that drive requires the professional version; free won’t do. Other features include WinPE bootable disk, support for command prompt based operation, using the software for business purposes – etc. The professional and server editions are eligible of getting lifetime free technical assistance from the company as well.

As an additional feature to all these, the server edition supports all the versions of Windows Server till date.

Partition Master

Partition Magic in Windows 7

There is a built in Windows disk management service in Windows 7 and onwards, even available in few previous versions. What is it that makes the EaseUS Partition Master different from Partition Magic Windows 7? The extensive features are all that matters.

For the comparison though, the examples are all taken from the Professional version.

The partition utility in Windows 7 lacks many basic features. For example, merging and moving partition is something Partition Master at ease whereas the Windows 7 Disk Management can’t do these. For dynamic volumes, the only supported operation in Windows utility is resizing them but not creating or copying such partition tables.  There’s no option for bootable disks, no support for deleting all the partitions at once either.


To download EaseUS Partition Master, it is highly recommended that everything is done through the official website. Especially for the paid versions, the payments through their website are secure.


To work with your hard drive without the risk of bricking the drive for good, EaseUS Partition Master would be a brilliant choice to go along with.