Safety tips for single when staying in a rental apartment

Safety tips

Safety tips for single when staying in a rental apartment

Not everyone can afford one’s own house in today’s economy and not everyone has parents in the city they live in. Many youngsters nowadays move away from their home and hometown, to various parts of the country for work.

In such situations, rental apartments are the best option. But safety is an important factor, especially for single girls. The number of rapes, robberies, and assaults in our country are staggering. You can be staying in a flat for rent in Patna or Delhi, but the threat for single girls can be equal anywhere. So here are some safety tips to help you when staying in a rented apartment.

Door Locks- While staying at a new place insist to your landlord on changing the locks of the house. A lot of times the landlords tells the tenant that the locks have been changed, when in reality they haven’t. Not every landlord realizes the importance of changing locks and many a times they lie just to save on expenses. But don’t take their word at face value, unless you have seen the locks being changed right in front of you. It is very risky when there is a possibility that the previous tenant has the key to your house. Additionally you do not know who else he has given the key to while staying at the apartment. There could be a chance that apart from them and their spouse, the keys were shared with their relatives, friends, kids, kid’s friends, neighbors, drivers, housemaids and so on. You never know who has a duplicate key to your apartment and this can be very risky. If your landlord refuses to change the lock, then bear the expenses and exchange the lock immediately for avoiding irreparable damages to not just your money and property but to your life as well.

Security Guards- Most modern apartments have security, guards. Before renting an apartment make sure you check if there is a security guard in your building. It is essential for your safety. If the building doesn’t have one, it is best to look for one that has a security guard 24X7.

Know your neighbors– It is very important to know your neighbors. This way you can distinguish between the residents of your building and strange people who are not from your society. In India, neighbors can be very friendly and helpful. They will always come to your rescue in times of need and be on guard for you. Neighbors in India can sometimes be like your second family. So always make it a point to speak to your neighbors and get to know them well.

Peepholes- Peepholes are there on your door for a reason. Use it. Always look through the peephole before opening the door. Don’t be careless and jump to the door just because the bell rang. Check first before opening. If you have the money, install a camera at your doorstep. This camera will provide you with a live footage of who is at the door, from a screen that has to be placed inside your house. That way you will be safer.

Friends and Neighbors- Only tell the people you know very well that you stay alone. Do not tell random acquaintances that you live alone; It can be risky. Always have the phone numbers of close friends and neighbors on speed dial so that you can contact them in case of emergencies.  Tell your friends to always call before turning up at your door.

Hope these tips help you to stay safe in your new neighborhood.