Pure Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth headsets for children

Pure Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth headsets for children

When one thinks of the headphones, in general the idea goes to the users more mature and aware. Reeds children, however, use them. Protect them is a duty.

Pure Sound Labs BT220gadget0 Bluetooth headset is specifically designed for children, with the aim of putting them away from dangerous hearing damage.

Typically these audio tools are used to have a clear and sharp perception of music. Often, though, is exceeded by the volume, almost relieved not to disturb the surrounding world.

Few people think about the damage that can provide hearing exaggerating with the decibels. If adults have (or should have) sufficient awareness of what, by then appealed to the responsible use, it does not happen for the kids, trying to squeeze the most of every gizmo in their hands.

To protect your hearing the very young is necessary to limit the critical factors and it is in this area that have acted designers of headphones Pure Sound Labs BT2200, specifically designed for the specific intended use.

Their setting prevents the spread of those diseases spread via today too premature for the incorrect use of the gadgets. The credit goes to the system of protection that prevents the volume to go beyond the threshold of 85 decibels, which is considered the upper limit before damage to the ears.

This choice is combined with technical and functional presence of technology Pure Balanced Response, which promises a crisp, clear audio, with no need to turn up the volume. Autonomy at full charge is 18 hours in continuous use. The share price hits $ 80.