Best PS4 Steering Wheel of 2021

PS4 Steering Wheel

Best PS4 Steering Wheel of 2021

I love driving experiences with video games, since I was a child it has seemed like a complete past! But playing them was very uncomfortable.

Before, when I played on the PC, or with the common controllers on the console, I would end up tired and numb. I’ve always enjoyed driving games, but playing them with that interface was a real ordeal for me.

With the first games you had to manage with the keyboard buttons and the normal controls of the video game consoles to race on the tracks, but the visionaries have done everything to give us a better experience.

They started with more comfortable controls and gradually migrated to more realistic elements that give you the feeling of being on a real track. So since I saw my gang guys with their steering wheels for track games I decided to look for the best PS4 steering wheel available on the market. Read more: Minecraft sea lantern

What is the best steering wheel for PS4?

When choosing, it will be useful for you to take into account your needs and preferences so that you make a correct selection.

For example, it would be convenient to know if you are interested in buying a wireless connectivity device or if you do not care about the pile of cables, this detail also translates into money, the wired models are usually a little lower cost.

If you are one of the hard gamers, used to long gaming sessions, comfort is a matter without discussion. You should select a wheel with a comfortable grip and a diameter that makes you feel comfortable. Those of 28 centimeters are usually the favorites.

As for the materials, those with leather finishes and ergonomic grips are the most indicated, with a comparison between what is available you will know what is best suited to your style of play, you will avoid fatigue, injuries, numbness, and the best! you will not skid.

The compatibility, the interface, and the feeling when driving are essential, you must choose a model that has a vibration function and that gives you a feeling of realism.

Anyway, if you still have confusion, we leave you this list to help you in your selection. Here you will surely find what you are looking for.

Here are  the best steering wheels for PS4:

1. Logitech G29 Racing Simulator Steering WheelPS4 Steering Wheel

Accurate and reliable

Compatible with Play Station 4 and 3 consoles, and Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 operating systems. This steering wheel is ideal if you are a fan of gearshift driving games.

The G29 model comes with integrated steering wheel controls, is designed with wireless connectivity technology, and works with a USB 2.0 device interface.

It is the right thing if you constantly play with racing simulators as it offers you maximum performance and great results.

Includes Force Feedback with two motors and helical gears for a quiet and smooth ride.

It has a non-linear brake pedal and is generally made with hand-stitched leather and stainless steel finishes. Qualities that provide you with comfort, safety, reliability, and durability.

Comes with the steering wheel, gear lever, brake pedals, and user manual. The manufacturer gives you a two-year limited warranty on the hardware.


2. PS4 Thrustmaster T300 RS steering wheelPS4 Steering Wheel

The high precision racing wheel

Especially for fans of racing games, the ThrustMaster brand has made this flyer available for PC and Play Station 3 and 4 consoles.

It has smooth and silent effects, has 13 action buttons, and is compatible with various supports. Including tables, booths, and desks, among others.

It is a wheel that is characterized by being compatible with all T500 RS GT Wheel detachable racing wheels, Base-Fixed Paddle Shifters kit, as well as Ferrari F1 Add-on and GTE Add-on, among others.

This quality is one of the most important of this device since you can play the driving game packages designed according to the characteristics of all these developers.

Regarding the compatibility levels, the device also matches with T3PA and T500RS pedals and with TH8A and TH8RS gearboxes. Its pedals are metal and progressive resistance.

3. PS4 Pace Racing Wheel venom steering wheel

With ergonomic design

Manufactured with an official license for PS4, one of the most striking qualities of this steering wheel is that it is equipped with a vibration function that gives you the feeling of vibrating on the asphalt and better control of the game.

With this feature, you can play feeling that you are on a racing circuit and not in front of the computer or the game console.

Thanks to this quality you will have the ability to challenge strong opponents. And, if you play coupled to the wheel, you can be the winner in a tris after.

It has a rubber-coated steering wheel and accessories for a better grip, which, together with its ergonomic design, will give you the ease of playing for hours without fatigue, tiredness, or numbness.

It is an affordable product, it has sensitivity settings that adapt to your driving style. Self-centering function with 2-axis directional pad, and 270-degree rotation.

4. Racing Wheel Apex Hori Steering WheelPS4 Steering Wheel

For starters

Equipped with programmable buttons, configuration LEDs and a non-slip coating that will prevent unwanted skidding, this mid-range manufacturer Hori steering wheel are ideal if you are just starting out in the world of driving games.

It works with an official license from Sony and is compatible with the Play Station 3 and 4 console and also with PC. It uses Touch Sense vibration technology for total immersion. You will feel that you are on a real track.

It is characterized by having sequential shift paddles and accessible buttons. So that you can play without worrying about taking your eyes off the gear monitor, it is a high-performance product.

The steering wheel is 28 cm in diameter and has a rotation angle of 270 °. It also has adjustable pedals in sensitivity with folding footrests for a realistic driving experience.

To place it, you have fixing options in two ways: by means of clamps or with suction cups.

5. Speedlink SL-250500-BK Trailblazer

Solid and precise

If you are looking for a steering wheel for driving games compatible with the PS3, PS4, Xbox One video game console, and even your computer, then you are in front of the right device.

The Speedlink steering wheel is the least expensive of the selection we have made and comes equipped with 12 programmable buttons according to your preferences, with a rotation angle of 180 degrees, adjustable sensitivity, and two LED lights that will indicate the input mode.

It is close to 27 centimeters in size, weighs about 1.5 kg, and the pedalboard 0.46 kilos, which give shorter response times thanks to its professional clutch and quick access levels.

It is a solid, resistant device, made with good quality materials with rubber coverings. A cable length of 2 meters, and 7 support suction cups for a solid installation and maximum safety.