Panasonic Rulo, triangular new robot to clean house


Panasonic Rulo, triangular new robot to clean house

Panasonic Rulo is really a good robot to clean house: shame about the price …

Today we present a robot really useful to clean house it was made ​​by Panasonic and has the characteristic of having a form different from what we expect: Panasonic Rulo, in fact, is triangular and quadrangular, as happens in many other cases; you know, in fact, that for years the manufacturers sell robots by quadrangular, which has the distinct disadvantage of not allowing the cleaning of corners and tight spaces.

gadgetPanasonic has ensured that Rulo can clean dirt thanks to the fact that the two front brushes are placed precisely at the two corners: the back – as seen in the picture – it is indeed irrelevant; these brushes do no more than to divert all the dirt towards the central part of Rulo, where there is the rotary mechanism that traps him.

The size of the robot are not excessive, for a weight that comes to three pounds: nothing shocking, since it is not that we have to take it with us, even if a more excessive weight would obviously made life difficult for the elderly.

Rulo works like all robots to clean the house: the automatic mode allows you to do cleaning for about an hour, even a clear path (like many other robots, this also comes with many infrared sensors and ultrasonic). The only drawback is the price: expected release next March, but only in Japan, Rulo 107mila well costs 780 yen.