Oculus Announces VR prototype Crescent Bay


Oculus Announces VR prototype Crescent Bay

The world of virtual reality has certainly received a new impetus to the development of VR Oculus , where even Samsung has come out with their own glasses benefited Gear VR and of course Facebook has been the biggest winner to have acquired the company and makes some months.

GadgetDeveloper conference starting Oculus Connect in Hollywood California, with which he hopes more people will join focused content creation in virtual reality through workshops and conferences. But Oculus had a surprise, because today during the Keynote of CEO Brendan Iribe, unveiled his new creation, which is called, Crescent Bay.

Virtual reality now with integrated sound

The new prototype Crescent Bay is a natural evolution to Oculus Rift DK2 , where they continue to design line seen above, but here we would have a significant decrease in weight, plus they incorporate a motion sensor and integrated 360-degree sound where its creators mention that this is a major step forward, compared to that between the first prototype of the company and the second generation of its virtual reality goggles.

But not only have news on the design side, as this new prototype will offer better resolution and better refresh, but the people of Oculus is giving special emphasis to the sound, because in this field will use technology developed by the University of Maryland, where the audio is offered through the helmet with integrated headphones.

Of course being a prototype hundreds of developers are interested in purchasing a unit for testing, but the people of Oculus said that for the moment there is no date for the first development kits are available, so they can only be tested during the conference to improve the prototype.