Nvidia Shield 2 – closer than ever

Nvidia Shield 2 – closer than ever

The vast majority of us know that is a very versatile Android operating system and extending in different areas. Among them, the consoles, there are several that comprise it, and one of which is the Nvidia Shield, its successor will soon have to give over.

Nvidia Shield 2 - closer than everNvidia Shield for quickly refresh your memory, Nvidia was bet by a small Android console with integrated display size. Well, the countdown has already begun for the successor of this, the Nvidia Shield 2 hits stores. All indications are that the launch will take place on the 22nd of this month. Unlike the fragmented release of her younger sister, the new version would be a worldwide simultaneous launch.

A part of the release date, we have more information for you on the Nvidia Shield 2 console is that Antutu has leaked a screenshot of a benchmark in which the supposed characteristics of the new generation of Android console are reflected Nvidia. For the same reason, it is of interest, since you can know how things have improved over the previous model, including power.

Enter details of characteristics of the Nvidia Shield 2 shown by Antutu benchmark have been able to see details such as the integration of a K1 Nvidia Tegra quad-core processor at 2.52 GHz, a graphics Nvidia Kepler, 4 GB memory RAM, 16 GB of internal storage capacity, 0.3 megapixel camera and screen resolution of 1440 x 810 pixels. It will also include Android Kit Kat. There are still details that do not show themselves in the benchmark, but this information and gives a fairly complete picture of the technical improvement of this new generation of consoles Nvidia Shield, in addition to being improvement in hardware, so is software.

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