8 minimalist tips and tricks to use your mobile phone more efficiently

8 minimalist tips and tricks to use your mobile phone more efficiently

The mobile phone is a weapon of ‘ mass distraction ‘ in full rule … both work and in our daily lives. That is what even the Chinese know. We share some minimalist tips and tricks for tips.

At the time, I do not remember where I read it (I have to improve my system of taking notes), a study conducted in Germany revealed that the employees who had their cell phone removed were increasing their performance by 26%.

So, it seems that everyone is clear that the phone can be a problem at the level of efficiency when we want to do a task at work or in our day to day, right ?.

The next question is … what can we do to minimize the distractions that come through our mobile? And … how can we apply all this minimalism in this situation to improve our concentration and productivity?

I have done a little memory and I have compiled the things that I have been applying in recent months, and others that I was doing naturally and that I have noticed that they could fit into a minimalist way of life.

Here, several tricks to use your mobile phone more efficiently and avoid wasting time as little as possible:

Minimalist tips and tricks to use your mobile

1. Disable notificationsminimalist tips

Disabling app notifications such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or email will allow you to concentrate much more on what you are doing at any moment. The bombardment of notifications is incensed and, as a general rule, nothing happens to answer an email or text message when you want … not when the phone or your colleague on duty wants.

2. Remove your subscription to absurd newslettersminimalist tips

Minimalism can also focus on the over-information that floods us. And it is that in addition to the notifications and the uncontrollable SPAM, I am sure that you are subscribed to several newsletters that arrive at your mailbox and that immediately after receiving them they end up in the trash. It is one of the best minimalist tips and tricks for mobile.

I think it is worth investing a little in giving the ‘unsubscribe’ of those newsletters that you never read, to end up with a mailbox as free as possible of communications that do not give you anything or you have never requested.

When you subscribe to services such as Netflix or buy in an eCommerce such as Amazon, the next few days you will start receiving offers emails or retargeting with the contents or products that ‘will interest you most’. If you have not requested this information, apply the story and delete your subscription to those emails whose goal is to buy things you do not need.

3. Control social networks

Misused social networks can become a black hole where you will lose a good number of hours a week.

However, if you follow who can really give you something and remove from your feed or ‘followed’ people who do not have anything interesting, social networks can have theirs.

Avoid following people just because they know what they are doing, gossiping them, etc … it will only be a waste of your precious time on something that will not lead you to anything.

4. Activate airplane modeminimalist tips

Airplane mode is the best way to avoid any distraction that comes from your mobile phone. And … yes, friends, you can also activate it without the need to ride a plane:) It is one of the best minimalist tips and tricks for mobile.

5. Remove apps you don’t useminimalist tips

This is the same as with clothes. If you have a t-shirt hidden in the last drawer that you don’t wear since Felipe Gonzalez still caught the attention of the corduroy … it may be time to throw it away, right? (or give it away).

The same with your phone’s Apps. Give a good review of those applications that you have not used for months or that do not contribute anything and uninstall them. In addition to saving space on your mobile, save battery, etc … your ‘dashboard’ or desktop will be cleaner and tidier. It is one of the best minimalist tips and tricks for mobile.

The truth is that the vast majority of applications are only used rarely, so … value and go ahead with cleaning.

6. Group the remaining ones in batteries or ‘cubes’ so that the desk is cleaner

Once you have finished with the screening of useless applications, you can always group the remaining ones in piles, cubes or folders.

An extra step to keep your desk tidy never hurts.

7. Delete contacts you don’t needminimalist tips

As I said before, the mobile phone is a place where you store absurd and useless ‘things’ without realizing it. The contacts calendar of your smartphone is one of those places where the law shines by its absence.

I am sure that if you give a good review of your contacts agenda, you will find many people with whom you will not talk anymore: doctors, friends who are no longer friends, acquaintances, old coworkers, …

If you have not called them in recent months and have not heard from him … what are you waiting for to eliminate that contact?

8. Remove images that are not worth anything

The same as the previous point. Since the mobile phone has become the most used digital camera in the world, we take an infinite number of absurd photos that take over your mobile week after week. It is one of the best minimalist tips and tricks for mobile.

Finally, tell you that you don’t have to be a radical either. If your job is to be aware of the mail, if you wait for a call … you will not put the airplane mode and forget everything. But if you really don’t need any of that at all times, I think it is best to free yourself from all kinds of absurd distraction.

The important thing is that we are the ones who decide when we pay attention to the mobile when to waste time with social networks, when to answer a message or an email, etc.

Controlling all this can be a good way to control your time and be more efficient in the tasks you will develop in the future.

Ah! On the other hand, surely your friends or family thank you for not being more aware of the phone than they are telling you.

Extra ball

I wanted to share my personal ‘trick’ to order my cell phone and keep it ‘fine’.

I know that day-to-day generally takes us from the ass, but in my case, I usually use the time on the plane just before landing (those 10 minutes that comprise landing and getting off the plane) to execute the maintenance process. The same on long bus trips.