Microsoft HoloLens, the headset will be equipped with Intel Atom


Microsoft HoloLens, the headset will be equipped with Intel Atom

New rumors suggest that Microsoft HoloLens, the viewer Windows Holograms dedicated to the project, will be equipped with the next-generation chip Intel Atom Cherry Trail.

Just under a week ago Microsoft hosted an event through which was presented the new operating system Windows 10, which will probably be launched in the second half of 2015.

gadgetThe executive of the company of Redmond have shown all the news that the next generation platform will bring, both on the desktop and on mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. The press conference has brought to light some new hardware including the Surface Pro Hub, a powerful digital whiteboard, and the most interesting Microsoft HoloLens.

The latter refers to the project with which Microsoft Windows Holograms want to offer the public a new consumer media, a media that is able to connect more deeply augmented reality, which is becoming a focal point of the evolution of technology, and material reality. The headset will be precisely capable of projecting three-dimensional objects with which the user can interact.

During the presentation Microsoft made ​​some references to the hardware of the device: the headset, which resemble other similar items like goggles of Oculus Rift, will be equipped with three processors, namely a CPU, a GPU and a Holographic Processing Unit (HPU).

Regarding the latter, there are no specific information while some rumors suggest that the CPU will be provided by Intel. In this case is referred to the new generation of Intel Atom chip called Cherry Trail, a family that places its bases in the architecture Broadwell and is made ​​with a 14nm production process.

The information has not been confirmed but all the features of the CPU as the launch times – half of 2015 – are perfectly compatible with the requirements of the new device from Microsoft that should be launched in the autumn.