Kickstarter of the Week: Wear Hattrick hat prismatic with augmented reality to smartphones


Kickstarter of the Week: Wear Hattrick hat prismatic with augmented reality to smartphones

Wear a hat trick is probably the kit augmented reality craziest we’ve seen since the days of the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

Augmented Reality on the cheap? According to the inventor of Hattrick Wear you can do. Just do not get cervical problems … Why the trick is to place your smartphone in a kind of special hat, complete with a prism in a HUD that transfers the contents of your touch screen.

This kind of helmet is made like a baseball cap, and is poised to not to fall over his eyes. The user can continue to use the phone using the gesture (i.e. gesturing in the air), voice control, or simply with a remote control (which is part of the kit).

GadgetHow does it work Hattrick Wear

A pair of prisms transparent as crystal and resistant to scratches and bumps reflects our touchscreen. In fact there is a version with a prism alone, but because be come the headaches?

The creator has thought (rightly) that you do not need to design a laptop packed with features to make from the terminal to augmented reality: just create a frame adapted to any smartphone. The idea is certainly doable, but it remains difficult to avoid looking like a complete idiot – and hide everything with a cap just does not seem to help.

In short, the fact that it is technically feasible (and the result does not even seem to be hurt) does not mean that it is necessary to do so seriously. According to the developer, however, there is already some interest in his product. Some security agencies are already willing to buy the Hattrick to exploit it along with a facial recognition program, distributing it to the guards of a palace.

If you want an injection of augmented reality in your life, then you just become a backer. The levels that will hand you a Hattrick start at $ 99, but beware: this inventor has never produced anything before now, as far as I could discover.