Jawbone Up and MOVE Up3, here are the new fitness tracker


Jawbone Up and MOVE Up3, here are the new fitness tracker

After announcing a strategic alliance with Microsoft, Jawbone is ready to face the challenges of the new market of fitness tracker.

As expected yesterday came two new family members Jawbone, and now we can also show you their pictures. The company – vital and dynamic – knows that he should strive to follow the market closely in order to ride the wave of innovation instead of being submerged. Today Jawbone has chosen a position in the market rather sensible: the one that keeps it separate from expensive equipment like smartwatch and reliable delivery bracelets with an app rather complete, able to keep an eye on the user’s activities and to monitor the stages of sleep.

GadgetThe two products presented today are the ‘Up and MOVE bracelet Jawbone Up3. The first is a contraption extremely effective, the cost (around € 50), which you can attach to a belt of a bag, in a sweatshirt or pants pocket. Jawbone calls it a “pod”, and is a little shell full of sensors, a fitness tracker free strap, whose battery can last six months (and is not rechargeable but replaceable). In true Jawbone, has a “display” LED, that this time, however, is more detailed and gives an idea of ​​our level of activity. Holding it down (it is also a button) can be put into sleep mode.

If you want, with € 15 you can also add a strap, and suddenly the MOVE become a regular fitness tracker. The product will be available later this month in various colors and with two different pattern of ridges on the surface.

The Jawbone Up3 is instead the new bracelet – Fitness tracker top range of Jawbone, which means that it remains a product with an excellent quality / price ratio. Contrary to rumors, they wanted a unique product, there will be two colors and two different pattern of ridges, silver and matte black. The bracelet is made of anodized aluminum and is waterproof up to 10m, also its battery lasts 6 days.

If the Up MOVE is the height of the ease, the Up3 is more detailed, with more sensors and better functions of sleep monitoring. Added to this is (finally) the sensor for the heartbeat, able to trace it even when we are resting (before awakening).

The Jawbone Up3 will cost about € 180 and will be available before Christmas. The iOS app we will immediately, while its variant Android arrive just at the beginning of 2015.

Jawbone, comes the new line-up of fitness tracker

Jawbone has recently entered into an agreement with Microsoft to get on board of its platform Microsoft Health , and now points with safety in the fitness tracker Mid and low, bypassing the problem of confusion between these gadgets and smartwatch, and offering at a price extraordinarily inviting that remains a fraction of what prompted by “toys” such as the Apple Smart Watch.

The UP3 fitness tracker will be a much more complete and will rely on a battery of sophisticated sensors, and for the moment seems to be available only in black, but with a completely new design. We can deduce that among the new sensors there will also be one of the heartbeat, the market seems to have imposed on producers of these small devices.

A fitness tracker is a device simple and inexpensive to build. The Chinese Xiaomi has indeed put on the market a product with these capabilities only $ 30. Jawbone is trying to keep up with technology and to present something valuable, especially in terms of interface and software features of the app connected. The strategic alliance with Microsoft could dictate the terms of the future success or be the cause of a catastrophe in a market that begins to tend to saturation.

As soon as we will have pictures and more detailed information on the new Jawbone, we’ll update this article.