iSnatch: USB power supplies to multiple outputs


iSnatch: USB power supplies to multiple outputs

The theme of the charging device technology today, increasingly voracious in terms of energy, is highly topical.

iSnatch reaches out to those who want to recharge, with a single device, more technological devices simultaneously. The goal is to speed up the supply, in a simplified framework, to restore the notches, in an era of sophistication and various applications which drain the battery faster than smartphones and other portable gadgets.

iSnatchThe new power supplies iSnatch with multiple USB ports offer varied choices to users. They are available in various models, capable of adhering to the changing needs, providing up to 8A of current.

Feeder 3 USB ports

Practical and compact, it delivers up to 3.1A in case of simultaneous use of 3 outputs, one of which is dedicated to charging tablet 2.1A. The remaining ports 1A, are suitable for the charging of any type of smart phone.

Feeder 4 USB ports

May perform the charging contemporary with a maximum deliverable current of 2.4A per port. All outputs are equipped with integrated circuit system to ensure an adequate power distribution depending on the device to reload.

Feeder 6 USB ports

With its 8A it is convenient for charging all kinds of devices with a single handy accessory and light to carry. Two doors with integrated circuit allows the automatic selection of the current necessary depending on the device connected; 2 dedicated ports to iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and tablets and 2 ports dedicated to smartphones and Android.