Is it easy to make it through Swing Copters?

Is it easy to make it through Swing Copters?

Swing Copters is not the type of mobile game we all had expected. It was developed by the creators of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen so anyone can imagine the kind of game it may be. If you found flappy bird hard, you are going to find it even harder. That is because Swing Copters has a really difficult gameplay. The song of the game is so compelling that you won’t hesitate to smash yourself when your player smashes in the screen.

Some say that Dong Nguyen designed even a complicated gameplay to take revenue on how the world reacted to Flappy Bird. The theory of Swing Copters is not much different than Flappy Bird.  There is a copter wearing an orange propeller hat. You have to navigate the character through a series of obstacles such as swinging hammers and mallets. As soon as you manage to score a one, you are going to collide and die. That’s not the rule of the game, but it is certainly what many people have experienced just because of the fact that the gameplay is quite complicated.

Once you will begin playing Swing Copters, you are going to find it utterly confusing. As you start the game, the guy in the propeller hat begins spinning. As soon as he launches up in the air, he will go veering and you never know when he will smash into the edge of the screen. The game will be over and you will score a zero.

This might have happened to you when playing Flappy bird, but things are weirder when it comes to Swing Copters. Your player is going to die as many times you try to even score one. You may find it impossible to make your copter sway through those obstacles. You may try to control the copter by tapping, but he will be going so fast that he will end up slamming into the screen.

The developer of the game says that the idea for creating Swing Copters was not to annoy people, but it was created as one of the most difficult games of all time. The thing that makes the game difficult is how you have to make the copter swing from left to right, making him pass through those small gaps. With all this, you have to make sure that the copter does not collide with those mallets swinging side to side.

For even expert gamers, it is quite pesky to pass the first obstacle. You will have to bear all that crashing and smashing till you even reach score 1. You simply end up where you started from. That is why the game has been annoying for many people. It is way too much challenging to make the copter pass even the first level.

It is challenging indeed, but for some, this game is addictive too. You need to grab onto the tricks of swaying through the mallets and you might actually make through the levels.