How to use iPhone voice control

How to use iPhone voice control

How to use iPhone voice control

The voice control of the iPhone has been present ever since the 3GS version. It is a relatively simple feature that, through the help of the voice, allows you to activate additional phone options, such as calling, sending a message under dictation, starting music and much more. The convenience of voice control is found in several everyday situations such as having hands complete, driving, typing on the computer or all those activities that require a lot of concentration. In the steps below, I will illustrate How to use iPhone voice control.

How to use iPhone voice control?

  • iPhone
  • Internet connection
  • Voice Control application
  • IOS 13 operating system

How to use iPhone voice control

Making calls and sending text messages

First of all, to make a call, after pressing the key and activating voice control, all you have to do is say the phrase “Call” followed by the name with which the person’s number is stored in the phone book, for example, “Call Franco.” The iPhone is, in fact, a well-developed device and can find multiple references. For instance, if there is more than one friend called Franco in the address book.

The iPhone itself will ask the user which one you want to hear, reading the name and surname accordingly. Furthermore, if the selected subject has more than one phone in the address book, the user is also asked which number to call: home, office, cell phone, etc. The same method is applied in sending a text message. Let’s see how to search for a word on a page.

Activation of voice control for the iPod application

To activate the “Voice Control”, all you have to do is press the “Home” button for more or less three seconds once the phone is unlocked. At this point, the phone will emit a sound, then the display will light up blue and the latter will show suggestions on the commands that can be given immediately. Try, for example, to say “random”: the iPhone will automatically start the iPod application in shuffle mode, which is nothing more than the random playback mode of the music on the smartphone.

The application itself is active in the background. For example, if you want to know the lyrics of the song, you can double-click the “Home” button to call up the iPod controls, where in addition to these there is also the title of the piece; alternatively, you can call up voice control again with the Home button pressed for a few seconds and ask him a question like “What song is this?

The use of the Voice Control application

Voice control can also be activated by using the Voice Control application, an accessibility tool that allows you to manage the device without having to touch the screen physically. For Voice Control, you need to have the iOS 13 operating system on your iPhone. Before proceeding, you must first ensure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Then start the “Settings” app on the iPhone and tap on “Accessibility.” Now select the “Voice Control” option.

Then go to “Set voice control,” “Continue,” and then “Finish.” The voice control lever will then be activated and you will see the gray-black microphone icon at the top of the screen. A background download will start and you will have to wait the necessary time for it to finish. The microphone icon will turn blue and you will be able to use Voice Control without internet connectivity. You should know that Voice Control can be activated on both iPhone and iPad. To interact with the screen using Voice Control, as soon as the application is listening, you can speak both words and phrases for commands such as “Open Control Center,” Go Back, “or” Swipe Up. “