How to fix facebook audience insights not working?

facebook audience insights not working

How to fix facebook audience insights not working?

Facebook has an option called “Audience Insights”. It is a very useful tool for understanding your target market. You can use this tool without setting up conversion tracking or retargeting, which are things that I recommend though because they increase ROI and decrease wasted ad spend. The best part about it is that all you need to do is look at your Page Insights and then just go to “Audience” on the left-hand navigation of your Facebook Ads Manager, and then click on “Insights”. If your Facebook audience insights not working, Follow the tricks below.

Why does facebook audience insights not working?

You can check if your audience insights are working by going to your “Page Likes” graph and checking the fan count. If you see a sudden drop in your fan count, then it means that your insights are not working for some reason. There could be a number of reasons behind this:

facebook audience insights not working

·          You may have too many removed or hidden fans. Well, so what? People hide their friends from the timeline for a number of reasons, but the reality is that when you hide your fan pages from your personal profile, Facebook still counts them as likes! This might seem like a good thing to some people, but it could cause these people to get posts in their newsfeed which they do not want. The better option would be to remove a page from a profile if you no longer want posts about it to show up on your timeline. Read: LIVE CHAT: WHAT IT IS AND WHY IT’S USEFUL

·          You might have blocked the analytics cookie or just installed an ad-blocking tool that is preventing Facebook from seeing your activity. In this case, you should whitelist and *

·            Your mobile might be set to private. People generally do that to hide their browsing and search history, but it also hides your Facebook usage statistics. To fix this, go into account settings and then security and check “Where you’re logged in”, and uncheck the private browsing option.

3 Solutions of Facebook audience insights not working

·        If you are seeing fewer fans in the “Page Likes” graph, then try running ads to get more likes. You can use either boosted posts or sponsored stories for this purpose. Once your fan count increases again, remove all the inactive accounts from your page.

·        If you are not getting enough engagement on your posts, then you might need to employ new tactics to come up with some creative posts that get people talking about them. You also need to understand your audience and what they like, so study their demographics and interests before posting anything.

·        There could be many other reasons why your Facebook audience insights not working, but the best way to get it fixed is to hire a digital marketing expert who can help you improve your fan base and increase engagement on posts. You might also need assistance in tracking conversions for better ROI.

To conclude, it is very important that you get your Facebook Insights working fine if you want to start getting better ROI and save money while at it.