How to Find Electronic Parts for Your Projects

How to Find Electronic Parts for Your Projects

Radio Shack was once the top place in the world for hobbyists to track down small parts and components for their projects. After the company filed for bankruptcy in 2015, it shut down a number of its stores all across the country. Even if your lucky enough to still have a shop in your city, you’ll likely find that phones and other modern electronics now line the shelves in that store and that it no longer offers the parts that you need. In addition to shopping online, you can use a little creativity to track down all those parts.

Thrift Stores

A great place to find an rf combiner and electronic parts is at thrift stores. Thrift stores accept donations from the public and sell everything from desktop and laptop computers to old televisions and gaming systems. When you need a part for an old electronic that you have, you can purchase an old device and remove the components yourself. Most thrift stores do not test their products, but you may have the chance to use an outlet in the store to test an item before you buy.

Yard Sales

The yard sale season usually runs from around April or May through September, but if you live in a region with a warmer climate, the season may start earlier and last until later in the year. Checking out yard sales is a great way to find old electronics that you can take apart for spare parts. Many people do not know the value of those items and will give you a good deal or let you have the item for free. If you see more than one thing that you want, try to make a deal with the seller to get those items for less.

Online Shops

Shopping from the comfort of your own home can help you track down all the elusive parts that you need. Check online auction sites to find spare parts and project parts. Some sellers take apart electronics in the plans of refurbishing those items, run out of time and put the entire thing and any extra, new or spare parts they bought up for sale. Online hobbyists shops often sell smaller parts at low prices, and you can look online for free shipping codes and other discounts valid on those sites. Even if your favorite shop closed down, you can still find all the electronic parts that you need.