How to encrypt internet connection

How to encrypt internet connection

How to encrypt internet connection

Hearing around cases of identity theft and privacy attacks, it is always a good idea to encrypt an internet connection to browse without risk. On both Windows, macOS, Ubuntu / Linux, iOS, and Android, it is necessary to encrypt the data that circulates from your local network to the web. To do all this, to date, it is not necessary to be an expert in cryptography. Just use a VPN.

If you often connect to open Wi-Fi networks, perhaps because you are out and about for study or work, it would be better if you used a Virtual Private Network to remain anonymous to hackers. Only in this way, in fact, could you be invisible to those who, connected to your own local network, try to view the data passing through it to spy on you. They are called man-in-the-middle attacks and are often used to spy on WhatsApp conversations without picking up the victim’s mobile phone. But let’s proceed calmly.

How to encrypt an internet connectionHow to encrypt internet connection

Encrypting internet browsing with a VPN service means creating a point-to-point connection on a public or private network that allows the establishment of tunneling which “breaks” the physical connection by creating a virtual one.

In this way, you can protect the data that is exchanged using a remote connection. Therefore, by using VPNs on private networks, you can also encrypt the internet and all the files that will be downloaded to avoid being spied on online.

So let’s see what is the best free VPN service that allows you to encrypt the internet connection on any operating system commonly used on smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

TunnelBear VPNHow to encrypt internet connection

  • Download and install TunnelBear from this address
  • Create a free account and verify it by email
  • Open the software or app and choose the location from which you want to connect from the drop-down menu (eg United Kingdom)
  • Set  the TunnelBear switch to On and wait for the creation of a secure connection until the message “You’re now browsing in private from … ” is received
  • That’s all!

Limitations of the free version of TunnelBearHow to encrypt internet connection

TunnelBear ( Little ) FREE account is limited to 500MB each month, but additional GB can be unlocked for free via various promotional offers.

Prices for a profile with unlimited tunneling are around $ 9.99 / month with the Giant version (often on promotion for $ 4.99 / month ) or around $ 60.00 a year for the Grizzly (often available for $ 49.99 / year