How to Clean Drivetrain Amazing Guideline

How to Clean Drivetrain

How to Clean Drivetrain Amazing Guideline

Keeping your drive train clean is essential to prolong the life of it not only that though and it’ll make sure that you get crisp shifting every single time.

First Step

The first thing that you’ve probably spotted is the fact that my bike is filthy. So, before we get into this mechanical, you would take it outside and give it a good wash.

You can see now that the bike is actually a lot cleaner. I’ve gone over the drive train just with them bike cleaner. However, it is not quite cleaned up 100%.

So, I’m going to use now is a little bit of drive, train cleaner, and some smaller brushes, really to work in that formula into the cassette, the chain into the jockey wheels.

If you are using a spray loop right here, just be very careful where you spray that you don’t want to get onto the desperate.

You can worry about contaminating it and your brakes just won’t be as strong as a meant to be. So the main areas.

I’m just really focusing on getting these smaller, detailed brushes, and it’s like getting right in there and making sure that all the dirt and the grime is right up and then the chain and easiest way I’ve found to do this.

For details check the following link on how to clean a bike chain pro guideline.

Then he can get onto the chainring, scrubbing away. You’d be surprised all these little Keith just really catching the dirt and the grime can really build upon it.

Do you have any one of these narrow-wide chainrings? You’re actually fine, but that dirt buildup just won’t allow the chain to set and they could actually jump off.

You don’t want to get that into the bottom bracket or into the hub. It’s going to wear away where the grease is actually meant to be.

It’s really important actually, just to rinse that degree, they’re all make sure that none of it gets stuck in there.

Second Step

I mean, you’ve not got that dirt and grime still stuck in there. I’ve got to say looking pretty good. Well, I think I’m pretty happy with that.

It’s time to take it back up into the workshop and get onto the next stage. Okay. So just by looking at that drive train, I can actually see that is pretty immaculate and impressed with my own bicycle cleaning skills.

The drive train is all cleaned up and if your chain was particularly black, then you might have to do this whole process all over again to get a spotless looking kind of similar to this, or you could alternatively use one of those chains baths.

We actually clip it onto the chain itself. You fill it with degrees and it runs it back and forth.

It’s definitely going for the dry loop and I don’t get too much into the details, but that dry loop just won’t pick up dust and dirt.

So contaminate the whole chain. Whereas if you’re using wet lube in the Australian condition before you actually find it. It was going to create eventually a blank grinding piece, just that picks up the dirt.

It sits in the chair a little bit more to give it extra protection. So just think about what loop using, depending on your conditions.


So finally, I’m just going to get rid of that excess lube. Cleaning up the chain jockey wheels and also around the rear neck job done. And I’m ready to get back out and hit the trails.