How to choose an affordable smartphone


How to choose an affordable smartphone

Going for affordable but not cheap smartphones

Nowadays it is important to switch over to a smartphone, mainly because you have so many options and features which can make your life and job so much easier. But, with the advancement of technology, it was possible to lower some of the costs of making a phone, and it is possible to find an affordable, practical and very good model. Remember that just because a phone is too expensive, does not mean that it will be a good investment, however, do not assume that because a model is cheaper that it is less worthless too.

A new Motorola smartphone

Although there is a limited choice of budget-friendly phones, it is worth to know that the new Motorola smartphones will be cheaper, but smarter as well. Although they might not cost too much, they will have a large arsenal of useful things which will come in handy whether at work or whether you want to have fun. Keep in mind that adding a bit more to spend on your phone should get you a better phone. Running on Android 4.2 and with upgradability options, it will be a great choice.


Going for an affordable Microsoft phone

Although the Microsoft Lumia 640 is a relatively new model, and a fresh start from Microsoft to get into the smartphone market, it is indeed an affordable and very feature rich model. Although it might not be like its other brethren, it is a very great phone which will enable you to work comfortably while being able to have lots of fun as well. Just remember to keep it updated as the new Windows 10 will be coming out for it soon enough, making it an even more amazing phone.

Finding an affordable Samsung phone

Some phones have more marketing going on for them, meaning that there will be a lot of flagships advertised. But if you want to buy an affordable Samsung model which will have some great features and a memory that will enable you to run almost any application, you should look into buying one from an online mobile store. However, always compare prices and make sure that you find great value for it, and that you have all the necessary power you need to run your work or leisure apps from your phone.

Something new on the market

Even though we have seen many Huawei smartphones on the market, the new EE Kestrel is going to be great news for those who want something affordable mixed together with great performance. Using the 4.3 Jelly Bean Android system, it will offer some amazing performance considering its price and internal specifications. On the other hand, if you want a something a bit more powerful, get ready that you will have to fork over more money. But, for those who want to cover more than just basic needs, this will be an amazing choice of a smartphone.

Choosing the right smartphone model

In the end, it all boils down to personal preference and whether or not you are ready to spend more money to get a better model. However, you should not be duped into thinking that the latest and most expensive model is something you must have. Consider your choices, and take performance and price into consideration, as you might just find something affordable and with great power that will cover your basic needs. Remember though that going for the cheapest is not always the best option, and that sometimes it will be needed to spend a bit more extra to get a great smartphone.