How IIFL app is changing the landscape of financial markets and why you should get this app

How IIFL app is changing the landscape of financial markets and why you should get this app

India Infoline, one of the best-known names in India’s brokerage industry, has come up with an app called IIFL markets that they launched recently. As expected, the app outperforms its competitors like Moneycontrol etc on various parameters. Here are some things that make IIFL Markets a must have app for investors.


  1. An app by Brokerage Company: This factor alone gives IIFL markets a great advantage over comparable apps like Moneycontrol. Unlike the latter, an investor can even trade the scripts by using the app. It saves a lot of time that an investor would otherwise spend in calling up the brokerage firm, or looking up things on the web.
  2. Registration: It asks a limited number of permissions, thereby living up to the highest privacy standards. Moreover, the registration is very simple. The ones who do not wish to register have the ability to complete the guest login and start trading. That’s way better and far neater than most of the other apps.
  3. Coverage of financial markets: Right from National Stock Exchange to the Bombay Stock Exchange, commodity exchange like MCX and others like NCDEX, IIFL takes a lot of pains to put everything on one portal. Flipping through one another barely takes a few seconds.
  4. Interface and design: With stock market apps, it is far more important to have a good interface than the normal apps. There are two reasons for that. First, is the fact that an investor is always short on time and every delayed second in making a decision can cost them a lot of money. Second is that an investor looks up tens of scripts on the go, and a bad interface can really de-motivate and force them to switch over to the good old ways of television and newspaper. The design is equally important. The design has two important components, the one that indirectly affects the user experience like border etc. and the other that has visible components like fonts. IIFL takes care of both the things and makes the user experience flawless and fun.
  5. Support and Customer Service: India Infoline is known for its commitment to customer service and has a great legacy of standing up for its customers with innovative solutions. One gets the same sense with their mobile app too. While they have made every attempt to make it as flawless as possible, they have put in enough resources to back it up with a great support, and based on the feedback of numerous users, it has worked really very well for them.

IIFL continues to be in the limelight with many other subtle factors that matter a lot to the investors. With every successive update, it has demonstrated that perfection can be indeed taken to a next level. In spite of so many features, India Infoline has decided to keep the app free thereby helping the users get into financial markets and explore what’s in it.


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